Upgrade to Geomatica software - 11/05/2007

PCI Geomatics (Canada) has released Geomatica 10.1. This release features significant new additions along with enhancements in reliability, performance, usability and functionality of existing technology.

OrthoEngine enhancements for Geomatica version 10.1 include a customisable GCP collection viewer, along with improved efficiency in GCP and tie point collection efficiency. Also included is new support for the ALOS sensors PRISM, AVNIR and PALSAR. Significant advancements have also been included to automatic mosaicking, resulting in higher quality and better tone balanced mosaics.

Focus improvements include a new Overview Manager interface, which allows users to create and manage existing overviews. And in response to user demand, significant enhancements have been made to data visualisation, along with better image scaling, advanced histograms, and improved math model support.

Geomatica 10.1 now incorporates the Sentinel RMS license management system from SafeNet Inc. for robust and reliable license management.

Last updated: 27/02/2018