UrtheCast and Space View Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement - 04/12/2017

UrtheCast and its subsidiary, the Earth observation company Deimos Imaging, have announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Space View Technology (Space View), a leading provider of remote sensing satellite data and geospatial information services based in China. The agreemens concerns the mutual global distribution of their respective product portfolios.

The space assets of Deimos Imaging and Space View include Deimos-1, Deimos-2 and the satellite SuperView constellation, of which currently 2 satellites have been launched, with the next two to be launched at the end of 2017, resulting in a wide portfolio of medium, high and very high-resolution satellites. These assets are complimentary and are expected to provide customers with an exceptional level of decision-making data, and to create unique and valuable benefits across a diverse group of sectors while strengthening the positions of both companies in their respective markets. 

Daily global imaging

This collaboration will ensure a daily global imaging capability, with multiple revisit opportunities per day over any target. This is key for a wide range of applications, especially those requiring a frequent monitoring over the same area of interest and a real-time response, such as emergency services, border and maritime surveillance and defence and security.

Space View is excited about the strategic cooperation with UrtheCast to expand its international reach, and for new users to explore the potential of the company’s large multi resolution constellation, said Lily Xu, CEO of Space View. Together with UrtheCast’s Earth observation company, Deimos Imaging, Xu added she fully believes that combined experience, history and future strategic ambitions align to support both their upcoming constellations.

Fabrizio Pirondini, CEO at Deimos Imaging, said this agreement confirms the importance of partnerships and alliances with other stakeholders to provide their customers with fast, ready to use solutions tailored to their needs. Focusing the greatly expanded scale of Earth observation imagery data on the customers’ needs, will rapidly expand the potential to create unique value-added products.

For more information, visit UrtheCast’s website at www.urthecast.com.

Last updated: 16/10/2018