Utilities Infrastructure Management Solutions - 28/04/2010

Intergraph is expanding its proven utilities infrastructure management solutions with new, open standards-based spatial data infrastructure (SDI) capabilities to foster greater interoperability. Intergraph SDI capabilities enable secure, fast and seamless access to geospatial data published by different organisations, improving collaboration for emergency response and incident management, and increasing productivity for utility network planning, design, construction, maintenance and operations.

Intergraph's G/Technology infrastructure management solution is a feature-rich, open and scalable geospatial application platform designed to meet the unique needs of utilities and communications companies. The newest version, G/Technology 10.1, supports the use of data published via the Web using the standard OGC Web service interfaces, Web Feature Service (WFS) and Web Map Service (WMS). This can be data related to weather, utility structure, flood plains, environmental restrictions, parcel maps or any other geospatial data originating from a GIS system that conforms to OGC standards. With this new solution, users can be confident that they are accessing and leveraging the most current data available.

"Utility networks are becoming more advanced and additional real-time information is being made available each day," said Dorthe Krøyer, GIS manager for HMN Naturgas, a natural gas provider in Denmark. "We therefore require a new means of bringing all of the data sets together and distributing them in an efficient and flexible manner. Intergraph's global experience, local expertise and sound technology ensure harmonized geospatial data interchange between utilities, governments, businesses and the public."

"As more organisations embrace the use of geospatial technology for critical functions, open technology platforms and interoperability become crucial components of utilities solutions," said Tony DiMarco, executive director, Global Utilities & Communications for Intergraph. "Intergraph is staying a step ahead of industry demand by setting the stage for secure, standards-based collaboration between utilities and other organizations. Intergraph is also an active participant in many standards bodies, ensuring the sustainability of our SDI solutions as needs evolve."

For utilities, SDI maximises the ability to securely and efficiently communicate and collaborate with government and other entities. For example, in the case of an emergency, utilities must quickly supply local governments with updated information on the location of all utility lines, poles, meters and other assets for effective response.

Last updated: 27/02/2020