V2.1.0 for Leica GPS Spider Software - 03/03/2006

V2.1.0 for Leica GPS Spider software for GPS reference stations and networks has been released by Leica Geosystems (Switzerland).

Leica GPS Spider V2.1.0 contains improvements that enhance the sofltware usability and performance. Amongst the software optimisations such as further improved data processing for network RTK, the graphical user interface has been enhanced with consistent map views supporting now loadable background maps and a graphical continous raw data status view.

In view of GPS Monitoring applicatoins Leica GPS Spider now supports the recently introduced Leica GMX902 monitoring GPS receiver. A new coordinate post-processing complements the previously available real-time positioning, to support slow moving object monitoring. Both, real time positioning and post-processing, support now data rates of up to 20Hz, as can be provided by GMX902 or GRX1200 series GPS receivers, for detection of high frequency object motion.

Last updated: 25/10/2020