Victorian Rail Infrastructure Survey - 22/09/2006

Geomatic Technologies (GT) (Australia), with the Department of Infrastructure (DOI), has completed the Victorian Rail Infrastructure Survey and Pass Assets project. The project involved producing a register of assets associated with Victoria’s Rail Infrastructure, estimated to be worth $6 billion. The register was identified by the State Government as being a requirement following the rail privatisation process in the late 90’s. Geomatic Technologies was commissioned by the DOI, to conduct a state-wide survey of all rail infrastructure through Metropolitan Melbourne and Rural Victoria.

GT utilised many survey techniques including photogrammetric drivers-view and digital geo-referenced track imagery, taken from equipment mounted onto Government Rail Vehicles. Aerial photography was used to capture more than 470 rural stations and major yards. GT’s field personnel also visited all level crossings across the network, to capture driver perspective views of the crossings and their protection types. The data sets were then validated against many business rules and the DOI’s legacy paper data sets. The DOI developed and hosts an internet-based GIS platform called PASS Assets, which is used to publish the survey findings.

Earlier this month the project was acknowledged at the 2006 Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards, winning both the Infrastructure and Construction Award and the top industry Award, the Victorian Government Award for Spatial Excellence The project was recognised for providing a foundation on which the DOI can implement its strategy of providing a holistic view of public transport, through access to accurate, field verified, comprehensive digital rail asset information through a single information portal. The Victorian Rail Infrastructure Survey and PASS Assets Project has also been submitted to the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards which will be held in Brisbane, in November 2006.

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