VLS Announces Release of LIDAR Analyst - 13/04/2005

Visual Learning Systems, Inc. (VLS) (MT, USA) has announced the official release of LIDAR Analyst, a solution for automating the collection of 3D features from LIDAR data. Early studies show LIDAR Analyst captures and attributes nearly 100% of building and tree features, while extracting bare earth (terrain without vegetation and man-made objects) within centimeters of sensor accuracy.
LIDAR Analyst uses multi-return LIDAR data, including intensity bands, to discern and extract 3D features. The extracted features include attributes such as building height, roof type, tree crown width, and many others. LIDAR Analyst provides additional tools for editing Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), modifying bare earth surfaces, auto-squaring of building footprints, editing complex polygons and much, much more. In combination with VLS’ Feature Analyst software, the LIDAR Analyst application provides professionals with a wide range of feature extraction workflows for LIDAR and multi-band imagery.
Free evaluation copies of the LIDAR Analyst for ArcGIS, including a complete tutorial, are available at the VLS website.

Last updated: 27/09/2020