Volunteers Needed: Mapping Land Values in Latin America - 09/02/2016

The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy is inviting volunteers from across Latin America and the Caribbean to participate in the creation of a map of urban land values in the region. The resulting open-access database of georeferenced, systematised  land values from cities across Latin America will help urban planners develop sound urban policies. The 'Your City in 5 Facts' mapping project will be carried out between 9 February and 31 March 2016.

Participating is simple and requires only the input of data on at least five current land values from a city. To do so, volunteers simply have to register and use a dedicated web-based GIS map to georeference the land value data.

Registration and participation is free. The call for volunteers is aimed at professionals, academics and public officials involved in urban land policies. Volunteers entering data onto the map will only appear as anonymous collaborators on the project website and in a report on the initiative that is contemplated for publication in the near future.

This initiative has been designed and will be managed by Mario Piumetto and Diego Erba, in partnership with the Latin America and Caribbean Program of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. For more information on the project and how to register to volunteer, please click here.

Last updated: 27/02/2018