Web Catalogue Service for Spatial Data Infrastructures

Simplified workflow for metadata management, full GDI-DE compliance, improved performance and a new user interface are all features of the new 3.2 version of sdi.suite terraCatalog by con terra from Germany. The primary focus was the further development and simplification of supported workflows to capture, manage and search using metadata.

This enables the login of registered users, who now get access to the system via domain cookies without having to login once more. A true single sign-on is now possible in conjunction with other software applications or a user’s Windows login.

In addition, terraCatalog delivers full the GDI-DE compliance, having successfully passed all tests and metadata catalogue services from the Spatial Data Infrastructure Germany. In this context, key validation of metadata has also been enhanced to enable permanent overlay of relevant user instructions.

In cooperation with customers, the practical usability of the catalogue has been improved. Interfaces have been redesigned and simplified, while beneath the surface a range of optimisations have been implemented, which will lead to enhanced performance of the overall system. Available features now include searches based on metadata for all data from a service and assigning metadata to multiple users.