Whittles Publishing debuts book exploring 3D and 4D city modelling

Whittles Publishing debuts book exploring 3D and 4D city modelling

Whittles Publishing has released a new book titled '3D/4D City Modelling – From Sensors to Applications'. This comprehensive resource is designed for advanced undergraduates, postgraduates, young researchers, and practitioners in the fields of geospatial information science and geoinformatics. The book addresses the growing need for advanced knowledge and techniques in city modelling, which has become increasingly significant in urban planning and smart city management.

Edited by leading experts – Professor Sultan Kocaman of Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey; Professor Devrim Akca of Isik University in Istanbul, Turkey; Dr. Daniela Poli of Vermessung AVT-ZT-GmbH, Austria; and Professor Fabio Remondino, Head of 3DOM Research Unit at FBK in Trento, Italy – this book explores city modelling from a geomatics perspective, blending theory with practical applications. It provides a critical examination of cutting-edge techniques for the creation and management of 3D city models, their integration in GIS environments, and their visualization. Real-world applications highlight successful national-level implementations of city model databases.

Technological and methodological advancements

The book traces the development of 3D and 4D city modelling from the use of 2D maps to advanced 3D GIS systems, where city models have become central. It discusses how 3D spatial queries are revolutionizing areas such as ecosystem modelling, simulations, and the integration of indoor data through building information models (BIM). Additionally, it explores how linking semantic information to 3D data enables sophisticated spatiotemporal analysis, and examines the role of 3D city models and GIS in the efficient management of modern urban environments.

The growing implementation of 3D city models and their temporal monitoring within GIS environments underscores the need for in-depth studies across all stages of their lifecycle, from data collection and processing to 3D object reconstruction, data management, and visualization.

3D/4D City Modelling features comprehensive coverage of data collection and processing techniques, 3D object reconstruction and model generation, data management, and advanced representation and visualization methods. With contributions from internationally acclaimed experts, the book offers a thorough overview of the field, combining the latest technological and methodological advancements in geospatial information science and geoinformatics with a focus on both practical and theoretical aspects of 3D city models.

This essential reference book is perfect for professionals in related fields, providing the knowledge and tools needed to excel in city modelling. See here for further information.

3D/4D City Modelling – From Sensors to Applications. (Image courtesy: Whittles Publishing)
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