Wingtra software solution empowers drone programme expansion

Wingtra software solution empowers drone programme expansion

With its latest software, Wingtra aims to revolutionize the way customers expand their drone programmes and operations. WingtraCLOUD promises to simplify data collection and streamline the onboarding of surveyors and pilots, delivering clear business advantages. Wingtra has designed this new drone data planning and collaboration solution to address what it regards as some of the most significant challenges faced by customers today.

WingtraCLOUD offers an intuitive and user-friendly flight planning experience, plus time-saving features including site-based file organization, advanced 3D planning, coordinate system by sites and improved connectivity via cloud syncing, all in a single environment. This not only streamlines operations, but also minimizes errors that fragmented workflows tend to introduce.

Empowering drone programme scaling

Focused on simplifying and streamlining site setup and team collaboration, WingtraCLOUD’s features simplify and accelerate planning and introduce a new level of transparency among stakeholders with enhanced wireless functionality. Customers can now enjoy synchronized field missions and provide insights to regional and global site managers across projects.

As a result of this new environment, productivity will increase, since stakeholders of any expertise level can collaborate in real time and make smarter decisions around complex mission plans and workflows. This means tighter, more timely communications and a significant reduction in errors.

Wingtra’s vision with WingtraCLOUD is to create a complete ecosystem that enables customers to maximize the benefits of Wingtra aerial data and services. This will empower drone programme scaling and more business advantages across all stakeholders, industries and services.

“Our aim at Wingtra is to remove the complexity of managing and using advanced technologies. This makes it intuitive for our customers to expand the benefits of aerial data across all areas of their businesses,” said Marcos Bayuelo, product EVP at Wingtra.

“As a major step forward along these lines, WingtraCLOUD not only streamlines workflows for surveyors, but also opens the door to more adoption of aerial data capture across industries and for all sizes of business. From enterprises to engineering firms and to service professionals, this software is a game-changer that improves safety while making resource and asset management much more precise and efficient,” he added.

Preventing data surprises

Previously encumbered by complex software, data from uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs or ‘drones’) finds liberation in WingtraCLOUD, according to the company. Now, stakeholders can access projects seamlessly from anywhere, eliminating version control issues. The platform neatly organizes flights and files by project, ensuring swift access to the latest insights. Novice pilots can fly confidently with direct map imports and straightforward 3D flight features. Preflight accuracy checks and intuitive elevation graphs prevent data surprises, avoiding the need for re-flights. Ground-setup assessments streamline base station and checkpoint configurations, while preflight planning tools automatically remove coordinate transformation hurdles.

“We’ve spoken with customers across a range of sectors working for the most successful yet pressurized companies in their industries,” said Philip Santa, lead UX designer at Wingtra. “We’ve taken their feedback to heart and blended it with the expertise of dozens of engineers to bring ease of use to the next level. The result is very exciting, as WingtraCLOUD offers what we see as the most intuitive, engaging and value-adding software on the market today.” New features will continue to be introduced carefully for maximum use and impact, he added.

WingtraCLOUD strives to facilitate the seamless adoption and expansion of drone data usage, offering immediate benefits from day one. It fosters closer collaboration among stakeholders and teams throughout a project’s lifecycle, while simplifying training to mitigate integration challenges. The resulting productivity gains are readily apparent as teams operate with increased cohesion.

The solution also helps site managers to efficiently plan complex areas and assign flights to less-experienced surveyors. Immediate evaluation of field changes is facilitated, while real-time progress updates enable higher-level stakeholders to monitor projects globally, eliminating the need for synchronized calls.

“WingtraCLOUD has made nearly every step of my photogrammetry process simpler – from flight planning and preparation, to field data collection, safety and post-processing,” said Lucas Veteto, UAS and survey technician at DJ&A. “With WintraCLOUD, I can fly more sites and cover more area in a day with less fiddling with USB drives on site or in the office.”

Wingtra’s vision with WingtraCLOUD is to create a complete ecosystem that enables customers to maximize the benefits of Wingtra aerial data and services. (Image courtesy: Wingtra)
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