Woolpert Upgrades - 23/03/2012

Woolpert, headquartered in Dayton, USA, recently doubled its aircraft fleet to a total of six to accommodate the increased demand for aerial data. Woolpert also added two Leica ALS70-HP airborne Lidar scanners to its suite of Lidar equipment.

Jeff Lovin, Woolpert senior vice president and director of geospatial services, said that Woolpert saw significant growth in geospatial services last year. Because of the increased demand, combined with having several statewide mapping projects and multiple federal programmes, these were necessary additions so that the company can continue to provide the level of service and high-quality data its clients have come to expect.

As a pioneer in Lidar, Woolpert purchased its first Lidar sensor in 1999 and has owned multiple Lidar sensors over the years, including the entire Leica ALS series. Woolpert’s most recent purchase of the two ALS70-HP scanners will allow the company to acquire data at the same point density, at twice the speed and in half the time at higher altitudes for many projects.

In addition to the two Leica ALS70-HP airborne Lidar scanners, Woolpert also owns a Leica ADS 80 SH81 and ADS 80 SH82 digital sensor, Leica RCD 105 digital camera, Leica RC30 aerial camera, Werhli 3-OC digital oblique sensor and Optech Gemini.

Last updated: 14/12/2019