XF101 DGPS Receiver - 18/06/2009

Juniper Systems and Hemisphere GPS make the XF101 DGPS receiver for the Archer Field PC available through Juniper Systems. The Hemisphere GPS XF101 receiver is fully integrated with the ultra-rugged Archer Field PC delivering sub-metre DGPS to location-based applications in the most demanding environments.


The need to add accurate position data to field data collection applications is becoming more and more critical. High-performance sub-metre DGPS capability is available to the Archer in a fully integrated, handheld package via the XF101 DGPS receiver.


The XF101 DGPS receiver provides superior accuracy and performance. Add the XF101 to an Archer Field PC, or purchase the XF101 and Archer as a total solution. The modular design of the XF101 fits onto the Archer Field PC via the CF card interface module. The powerful XF101 GPS module optimizes GPS reception during handheld use while minimizing multipath interference.


The XF101 with the Archer, priced at less than US$2,500, delivers accurate geospatial information at unparalleled value. You can collect sub-meter DGPS real time data using SBAS corrections, or post-process positions back at the office. Mobile GIS applications such as ESRI ArcPad and OnPoz GNSS Driver are fully supported. The XF101 is capable of centimetre accuracy when using it with an external antenna while employing standard survey techniques and software.



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