YellowScan Continues Expansion with New Subsidiary in Japan

YellowScan Continues Expansion with New Subsidiary in Japan

YellowScan, a designer, developer and producer of UAV Lidar solutions for professional applications, continues to expand its international presence and has opened a new office located at Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. In addition to the corporate headquarters in Montferrier-sur-Lez near Montpellier (France) plus the subsidiary in the USA, the new office in Japan further supports the company’s growth strategy.

Shinji Inaba, general manager and founder of Mirukuru, is set to head up YellowScan operations at the Japan branch. He brings over 20 years of experience and tactical know-how of the Japanese market. Shinji Inaba stated: “I’m so happy to start YellowScan Japan. We have many Japanese customers who require more services by UAV Lidar: civil engineering, mapping, infrastructure and especially disaster recovery, as we have a lot of natural disasters. In this case, we need a quick and flexible service. Now, I can provide even better support for Japanese customers and extend business with YellowScan Japan.”

Pierre d’Hauteville, YellowScan principal and head of sales & marketing, is very excited about this expansion to better support the Japanese customers: “Having Shinji Inaba leading the expansion of our company in Japan is a great asset. His experience within the photogrammetry and Lidar mapping markets will ensure that our customers will continue to receive the best pieces of advice and support as they build their UAV Lidar capabilities.”

Tristan Allouis, YellowScan’s CTO, added: “We have been partnering very successfully with Mirukuru’s team for more than three years. The subsidiary will allow YellowScan to bring even more investments and technical expertise in the region.”

The expansion will allow YellowScan to continuously serve its growing list of customers within Japan with exceptional local and tailored services for this market. Shinji Inaba will continue to lead Mirukuru’s operations. Mirukuru is providing world-class aerial technical products and services.

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