A flex system in your hands!

HERON MS TWIN Color is a SLAM-based system with the only capture head on the market featuring double lidar (32 chs - Max range: 120/300 m) and an 8K pano camera in a super compact design! An all-in-one system with on-premise software included for no-limits data processing.

HERON MS TWIN Color is a portable 3D mapping system featuring a double laser sensor (32 chs LiDAR - Max range: 120/300 m), for robust 3D geometry acquisitions, along with the MG1 innovative and proprietary 4-lens RGB panoramic camera for 4K videos and 8K images acquisition. The wired rugged backpack hosts a smart and detachable controller driven by a wireless PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). The flex design makes HERON MS TWIN Color a super versatile SLAM system. HERON MS TWIN Color works in complex, multi-level buildings and supports geospatial and digital twin applications. It is provided with complete on-premise software packages to manage the entire data processing workflow.


• HERON Desktop: for no limits SLAM processing, with patented algorithms
• Reconstructor: for 3D point cloud advanced post-processing

• Reconstructor Viewer: for the visualization and measurement of 3D point clouds and cameras (free software)
• GoBlueprint: for 2D maps/orthophotos visualization, measuring and CAD export (free software)


 RGB 8K pictures and 4K videos.
• No initialization and calibration procedures.
• Optional use of control points or control scans as constraints.
• Patented algorithm: free mapping path.
• Loop closure not required.
• Wired rugged backpack for acquisition and transport.
• Compact capture head dockable to:
- telescopic poles to measure cavities and inaccessible areas (also upside down).
- vehicles (cars, bikes, quads, robots, etc.).
• Rugged and powerful touchscreen control unit.
• Real-time visualization of point clouds generated during the acquisition.
• Designed to work in extreme environments and several accessories to expand applications.
• All-in-one system: on-premise software included and no extra costs for remote data processing services.


• Accurate 3D models also in complex environments.
• Automatic color mapping.
• Advanced mode for full professional control of the SLAM algorithm parameters.
• Point cloud editing software.
• Very dense point cloud rendering with multiple colour layers and 3D virtual tours at 8K.
• Direct export of 3D data to ReCap, E57, LAS and the main formats of point clouds.
• Easy data export to third-party software (e.g. 3DM Feature Extraction, EdgeWise, Micromine, Scene, Verity).
• Sharing in E57 on cloud platforms (e.g. 3DM Cloud, Cintoo Cloud, Scene Webshare).
• Advanced point cloud rendering which emphasizes features and details.
• Tracking mode for real-time change detection tasks.