3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Extremely Versatile High Performance 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner

RIEGL‘s latest generation of professional Terrestrial Laser Scanners stands out with extreme versatility, high productivity, ultimate performance and additional mobility – providing an excellent return on investment!

The RIEGL VZ-600i offers a broad range capability from 0.5 m up to 1000 m and is suitable for indoor and outdoor 3D mapping applications. 3D position accuracy of 3 mm, less than 30 sec scan time for high-resolution scans with 6 mm point spacing at 10 m, enabling more than 60 scan positions/hour with real-time registration, weight less than 6 kg (13 lbs), 2.2 MHZ PRR, three internal cameras & GNSS integrated, and also prepared for mobile mapping applications – these key features will speed up your workflow in indoor and outdoor applications like AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction), BIM (Building Information Modeling), as-built surveying, forensic and crash scene investigation, archeology & cultural heritage documentation, forestry, and many more.