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Geospatial Astronauts

Geospatial Astronauts

To reflect the changing nature of our industry and attract much-needed future talent, perhaps it’s time to rebrand surveyors as ‘geospatial astronauts’, writes Wim van Wegen in his latest column...

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Cartography is about describing the world in the form of maps and diagrams. Classic cartography produces paper maps but nowadays this field also encompasses Geographical Information Systems and the products produced by these systems. Cartography is heavily dependent on data from [Remote sensing] and [Land surveying and topography] for the dry part of our world and [marine surveying and bathymetry] for the wet parts of our world.

Cartography / GIS can be found in almost any industry vertical where it transforms the various data sources into products readily useable in for example [land and water management], [climate] and [farming and conservation].