GIM International: April 2016 Magazine

GIM International: April

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Main topics in the April edition of GIM International are:

An interview with Oumar Sylla
Feature: Spatial Initiatives for sustainable land management
Report: GIM International Summit 2016
Feature: developing the Namibian national spatial data infrastructure
Insider's view: by David Rhind

Interview with Oumar Sylla

photo of Oumar SyllaPage 12-15: 'Securing land and property rights for all' is the slogan of the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN). This alliance of global regional and national partners is aimed at contributing to poverty alleviation through land reform, improved land management and security of tenure, particularly through the development and dissemination of pro-poor and gender-sensitive land tools. Oumar Sylla is the leader of UN-Habitat's Land and GLTN Unit.

Feature: Enhancing Rwandan Land Governance

Rwandan land governance title=Page 16-19: Access to land and other natural resources is an important basis for the livelihood of underprivileged people around the globe. Land administration agencies are charged with implementing land policies, such as planning for sustainable development, providing equitable land distribution and acting in accordance with the legal framework for land governance.

Insider's View: African Challenges and GIS Technology

picture of the continent africaPage 6: Generalising about Africa is dangerous. With 47 (or 53) countries, it is hugely diverse. The state of economic development, social welfare, environmental quality, population growth and political development varies greatly across the continent. Yet there are many problems which are common, even if the incidence is variable. Environmental sustainability is just one of them.

Report: Addressing Global Challenges

GIM Summit photo of speakerPage 24-27: The first GIM International Summit was held in the very heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The programme comprised thought-provoking topics presented by top speakers from both inside and outside the geomatics field. Furthermore, the audience was engaged in interactive workshops on global issues such as urban planning, social justice and climate change.


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