April 2017

GIM April 2017 cover

This issue of GIM International has a special focus on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which have become essential tools for the surveying profession. Three separate articles zoom in on three different applications of UAV mapping. This edition also contains two extensive interviews that reflect the current transformation in the UAV business, where attention is shifting from the UAV itself to the sensors and the software too. We also have a print edition. In this issue:

Interviews with 3D Robotics and Delair-Tech
Combining Hydrography and UAV Photogrammetry
5 Questions to… Christoph Strecha (Pix4D)
Northern Survey Flights: Achieving Subdecimetre Accuracy in Arctic Canada
UAS Photogrammetry and Railway Mapping
Towards a 3D Cadastre in Slovenia
Autonomously Detecting Fast Movements

Interview: 3D Robotics

3D Robotic Site ScanPage 14: The Revolution of Drone-carried Sensors. GIM International decided to touch base with a company that serves as a good example of the current transformation, and spoke to Chris Anderson, CEO, and Daniel McKinnon, vice president, from 3D Robotics.

UAV Northern Flights

Surveying in Arctic CanadaThis article provides insight into how unmanned aerial systems were used in a preliminary engineering survey of both sites. The project achieved an accuracy of less than 10cm, despite the challenges including GNSS signal interference and difficult, rocky, rugged terrain.

Hydrography and UAV Surveying

Combining hydrography and UAV photogrammetryThis article provides insights into the surveying process of a lake mapping project including the methods used to create a 3D model for the generation of a precise map with elevation lines.

Interview Delair-Tech

Team Delair-TechUAVs have become an essential tool for land surveyors. The geospatial industry is turning to drones to map the environment, which is also impacting the commercial UAV business. GIM International interviewed Michael de Lagarde, CEO of Delair-Tech.

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