GIM International: December 2016

The December issue of GIM International focuses on a diverse range of geospatial topics. Two features focus on ways to create well-functioning land administration systems: one zooms in on cadastral boundaries from point clouds, and the other on UASs for cadastral applications. Additionally, Paul van der Molen discusses a solution for the victims of land grabbing. Read these three articles and much more in the final edition of 2016. We also have a print edition. In this issue:

  • Harmonising UAS Regulations and Standards (p. 12)
  • Cadastral Boundaries from Point Clouds (p. 16)
  • Multispectral and Thermal Sensors on UAVs (p. 19)
  • Fair Treatment of Property Rights (p. 22)
  • UASs for Cadastral Applications (p. 30)
  • And more!
Cadastral Boundaries

Peter van BlyenburghPage 16-17: Title: Cadastral Boundaries from Point Clouds? Towards Semi-automated Cadastral Boundary Extraction from ALS Data. Proponents of the new era for land administration argue that countries must explore alternatives to accelerate land administration completion. Read now.

Interview: President UVS Intl.

Peter van BlyenburghPage 12-15: GIM interviews Peter van Blyenburgh, president of UVS International Europe - Leads the Way in Harmonising
UAS Regulations and Standards. Read now.

Property Rights

Protest against land grabbing.Page 22-25: title: Fair Treatment of Property Rights. How is it possible that so many poor are the ones to suffer when their land is grabbed by the state, large investors or local elites? Read now.

Sensors on UAVs

Rape test field (left) with fungicide treatment (orange) and without treatmentPage 19-21: Title: Multispectral and Thermal Sensors on UAVs - Capabilities for Precision Farming and Heat Mapping. Multispectral and thermal sensors were until recently too heavy and bulky for small UAV platforms, even though their potential was demonstrated almost a decade ago. Nowadays, however, lightweight multispectral and thermal sensors on small UAVs are commercially available. Read now.

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