January 2017

The January issue of GIM International focuses on (Airborne) Lidar. Senior editor Mathias Lemmens contributed an overview article on the status, developments and trends of one of the main geodata technologies. Additionally we asked 5 questions to Michel Stanier, COO of Teledyne Optech. We also have a print edition. In this issue:

  • Capturing, Modelling and Building the Reality – Interview with Aidan Mercer, Bentley Systems (p. 12)
  • The Fierce Rise of Airborne Lidar (p. 16)
  • Protecting Location Privacy Brings Opportunities to the Geosector (p. 21)
  • Low-cost vs. High-end Systems for Automated 3D Data Acquisition (p. 24)
  • National Mapping as a Service (p. 30)
  • And more!
Interview with Aidan Mercer

Peter van BlyenburghPage 12-15: Title: Capturing, Modelling and Building the Reality. Aidan Mercer talks about the role Bentley plays in advancing the world’s infrastructure and how geomatics is a key element of many of the company's applications.

Rise of Airborne Lidar

Peter van BlyenburghPage 16-19: Title: The Fierce Rise of Airborne Lidar: A View on Status, Developments and Trends. This article discusses the main technological advances of today’s operational airborne Lidar systems and surveys the state of the art, developments and trends.

Low-cost vs. High-end Systems

Peter van BlyenburghPage 24-27: Title: A Comparison of Low-cost vs. High-end Systems for Automated 3D Data Acquisition. For the 3D recording of an early mediaeval ring fort, the authors investigated the use of three systems: a portable laser scanning system, a static TLS and a photogrammetric UAS.

National Mapping as a Service

Peter van BlyenburghPage 31-33: Title: National Mapping as a Service. Ordnance Survey Ireland Shows New Perspectives, Part 2. Ordnance Survey Ireland  has developed a collaborative portal and is leading the way towards a National Mapping Agreement 

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