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Main topics in the June edition of GIM International are:

Game-based crowdsourcing for image analysis
Inspire boosts spatial data sharing
New 3D map solution covering Norway
GIS investigation of mass dolphin death
UAS survey of Rapa Nui
Report of the FIG Working Week 2016.

Feature: UAS Survey of Rapa Nui

Easter island - UASPage 17-19: Unmanned aerial systems (UASs) can be easily transported and this beneficial feature is ideal for photogrammetric surveys of remote spaces. Rapa Nui, the most isolated inhabited place on the planet, took UAS photogrammetry to the limit because of cloud cover, windy weather conditions and the vast size of the island.

Company's View: New 3D Map Solution

image of new imagined building in 3DPage 34-35: Worldwide, most municipalities are still making regular 2D maps for online publication, including maps for zoning plans, municipal plans, property borders as well as approved sites for new construction projects. However, the 'man on the street' has little or no knowledge of how to read such maps. Norkart in Norway has now launched a brand-new 3D map solution, Kommunekart 3D, which covers the whole country and had the potential to revolutionise map use!

Interview: Joeri Robbrecht

Joeri RobbrechtPage 12-15: The INSPIRE Directive was introduced in 2007 and should reach full implementation in 2020. Today, over halfway through the process, various important milestones have already been achieved while others still lie ahead. Joeri Robbrecht, policy analyst for the DG Environment of the European Commission, reflects on the journey.

Insider's View: Ayman Habib

Small Unmanned Aerial SystemsPage 6: Lidar systems on terrestrial and airborne mapping platforms have been proven to be an effective tool for generating highly accurate, dense point clouds for a variety of applications. However, satisfying the needs of those applications requires rigorous quality control (QC) of the point cloud.


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