June 2017

GIM cover june 2017

Land administration is the key topic of the June issue of GIM International. It includes interviews with Kees de Zeeuw and Robin McLaren, an article on handheld cadastral mapping methods and much more.

The Necessity of a Modern Cadastral System (p. 10)
Need for New Players and Leaders to Enter the Land Sector - Interview with Robin McLaren (p. 12)
Shedding Light on the Land Sector (p. 17)
Handheld Land Administration Mapping Methods in Kenya (p. 25)
Optimism about Land Rights for All - Interview with Kees de Zeeuw (p. 32)
And more!

Interview with Robin McLaren

Robin MclarenPage 12-15:  Need for New Players and Leaders to Enter the Land Sector. Dr Robin McLaren is a widely known and recognised authority with more than 30 years of experience in the geomatics profession. GIM International interviewed Robin to learn more about his involvement in many innovations and to hear his insightful opinions.

Open data

Esri ArcGISPage 17-19: Shedding Light on the Land Sector. From a government perspective, opening up access to public data can help facilitate transparency, accountability and public participation. Increasingly, governments are also recognising how open data strategies can support innovation and generate economic value. This article shows how open data for cadastral records is gaining traction.

Collecting land data

Handheld land administrationPage 25-27:Handheld Land Administration Mapping Methods. Fit-for-purpose approaches to land administration have been tested in Kenya, with a focus on the provision of land titles with inclusiveness for all in an approach that is affordable, fast and ‘good enough’. Read this story about a group of Kenyan surveyors who performed a field test.

Interview with Kees de Zeeuw

Kees de ZeeuwPage 32-35:Optimism about Land Rights for All. The way in which land rights are registered in The Netherlands is internationally renowned. The relevant national agency, Kadaster, has extensive knowledge and skills regarding land registration, land consolidation and geographic information. In this interview, GIM International talks to Kees de Zeeuw, the enthusiastic manager of Kadaster International which handles the organisation’s international consultancy activities.

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