GIM International: March 2016 Magazine

GIM International: March

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Main topics in the March 2016 issue are:

Core Wall Control Survey
Indoor Wayfinding at Amsterdam
Interview with Chuck Joseph, Hemisphere GNSS
Multi-sensor Cave Detection
Reconstructiong a Mythical Past
Company's View: GeoSLAM

Indoor WayFinding at Amsterdam Airport

Amsterdam Airport - finding your wayPage 16-19: Thousands of people pass through Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in The Netherlands every day. Being unable to find your way around an airport is a common frustration for travellers the world over. In an endeavour to solve this problem, Schiphol has launched an update to its existing Schiphol Airport app to include indoor wayfinding based on 2,000 beacons.

Feature: Core Wall Control Survey

top of building - beidu gnss receiverPage 21-23: Tall towers can bend and sway due to wind, cranes and other loads. The authors adopted the core wall control survey method to drive the new headquarters of the National Bank of Kuwait – a 300mtall building – in the vertical direction with millimetre accuracy. The method uses GNSS CORS technology. For the first time that signals from the available BeiDou GNSS satellites have been used to assist construction of tall buildings.

Insider's View: OpenCitySmart and Enhanced SDIs

SmartCityPage 6: ‘Smart Cities’ are liveable, efficient and sustainable cities, where the vertical services are built on an existing, basic infrastructure. To achieve the goals of environmental sustainability, we need tools that provide an interdisciplinary approach for survey, evaluation and audit, studying best practices, concepts, strategies, and many more.

Company's View: A Revolution in Handheld Mobile Mapping

GeoSLAMPage 36-37: GeoSLAM is a UK-based company with a global reputation for developing game-changing survey solutions. From its Nottingham headquarters, GeoSLAM has pioneered the development and manufacture of handheld indoor 3D mobile mapping systems such as the award-winning ZEB1 and newly released ZEB-REVO.


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