March 2017

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Building information modelling (BIM) is a hot topic in architecture, engineering and construction. BIM supports a more intelligent approach to planning, construction and the use of buildings. The geomatics industry is well positioned to take the lead in the management of the geospatial data that plays a crucial role in BIM. This issue has a strong focus on BIM and the surveying field. 

Headlines in this GIM International:

  • BIM: The new GIS for the industry
  • A new model for surveyors
  • Digital transformation in New Zealand
  • Paving the way for self-driving cars
  • Crane camera site surveying
  • 3D GIS in China
  • And more..
BIM: The New GIS

Mohsen KalantariPage 12-15: Title: BIM: The New GIS for the Industry. As anyone who frequently visits trade shows and conferences in the geospatial industry or reads relevant geomatics literature already knows, building information modelling (BIM) is a hot topic. But just how special is BIM? And which new opportunities does the technology bring?

A New Model for Surveyors

A New Model for SurveyorsPage 16-19: BIM is one of the most intriguing opportunities for surveyors to come along in years. Because of its strong ties to spatial information, BIM offers a familiar landscape and rich possibilities for surveyors and other geospatial professionals.

Self-driving Cars

Self-driving CarsPage 26-29: Title: Paving the Way for Self-driving Cars. Since the 19th century the automotive industry has changed substantially. Or has it? The main principle remains the same. However, a major change is just around the corner: self-driving vehicles.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformationPage 20-21: Title: Digital Transformation in New Zealand. In January 2016, staff from New Zealand’s Department of Conservation were supplied with tablets and smartphones equipped with Survey123 for ArcGIS, a form-centric mobile data collection application. This undertaking showed that not only can Survey123 improve efficiency and reduce field data capture operational costs, but it can also make captured data available easily and instantly for visualisation and analysis.

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