GIM International: September 2016

GIM International Cover September 2016

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Main topics in the September edition of GIM International are:
Serious Gaming for Facility Management
Web-based 3D in Urban Planning
Solid as a Rock?
Interview with Tom Cheesewright
... and more

Serious Gaming for Facility Management

Danger zones for workers modelled as semi-transparent red tubes.Page 20-23: Terrestrial laser scanning has become a standard surveying technique for creating 3D CAD models of industrial objects and for site documentation. However, some facility managers are no longer satisfied with purely static 3D models; they are increasingly demanding animation functionalities to improve maintenance and repair planning. Dynamics can be introduced using game-based tools. 

Web-based 3D in Urban Planning

A giant reality 3D model of Stockholm, produced by Blom/ Terratec, visualised in a web browserPage 14-17: The rapid growth of interest in tidal energy has highlighted the role of current profilers, able to measure the speed and direction of currents with increased accuracy in some of the harshest marine environments in the world. While the turbines produce the power, current profiling technology plays an important role in maximising the efficiency of this promising area of renewable energy. 

Solid as a Rock?

Automatically generated slope mass rating (SMR) map of a slope near Courmayeur in the north-western part of the Alps (red indicates areas that are less stable).Page 25-27: People often describe something hard and immovable as ‘solid as a rock’. But rock does not always live up to its reputation. Depending on its characteristics and local conditions, sections of rock may slip, slide, crumble or deform, potentially serious consequences. Geologists study the geomechanical properties of rock masses to understand how they may fail.

Interview with Tom Cheesewright

Tom Cheesewright delivered a keynote speech at GEO Business 2016 in London. For more information visit 12-15: New digital technologies are changing our industry. Or is it the other way round? Is the future of geomatics a virtual one? Will surveying soon be done in digital realities? GIM International talked to renowned futurist Tom Cheesewright to find out what he foresees for the digital era and how disruptive those changes will be.

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