GIM - November-December - 2020

GIM - November-December - 2020


When it comes to impact evaluations, remotely sensed data can increase their timeliness, accuracy and relevance for decision-makers. 3ie and New Light Technologies are enhancing the use of geospatial analysis in IEs, as you can read in the article on this topic starting on page 28. The front cover of this November/December 2020 issue shows the detection of rice fi elds in a satellite image.

This issue contains the following articles:

  • P. 10 Farewell Interview with Senior Editor Mathias Lemmens
  • P. 15 Realistic Virtual Reality Environments from Point Clouds
  • P. 19 Bright Perspectives of Mapping from Above
  • P. 21 Developing an Online 3D Model of the City of Groningen
  • P. 27 Satellite Imagery: An Aerial Alternative
  • P. 28 Remotely Sensed Data to Increase the Effi ciency of Data Collection

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