Exelis Releases ENVI 5

Exelis Visual Information Solutions has released ENVI 5. This version introduces imagery consumers to an innovative and streamlined user process for their image analysis workflow, making complex analysis tasks easier. ENVI 5 provides an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface, an efficient display for large datasets, new automated processes for several popular analysis tasks and a flexible application-programming interface for customising the software to unique user needs. ENVI 5 was developed to introduce efficiency and speed into the previously complex workflow of converting raw imagery into actionable information. The ENVI 5 dynamic user interface provides time and effort -saving features to meet the... (read more)
2012-05-02 10:02:56


BAE Systems (CA, USA) has released the latest version of its SOCET SET geospatial analysis and photogrammetry software. The new software, SOCET SET v5.3, introduces optimised workflows that reduce manual input and processing times, and improve overall productivity. The new release includes automated features that reduce errors, increase accuracy, and streamline workflow processes — all integral to daily workflows and beneficial to users because they offer built-in quality checkpoints. In addition, SOCET SET v5.3 offers sophisticated sensor models to import and process imagery. (read more)
2006-05-23 12:00:00


Alcatel Alenia Space (France) signed a contract with the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), the Republic of South Korea Space Agency, to provide a SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) payload system for KOMPSAT-5, the main Earth observation space program of the Republic of South Korea. The KOMPSAT-5 program's main objective is to develop, launch and operate an Earth observation SAR satellite system to provide images for geographic information applications and to monitor and prevent environmental disasters. The KOMPSAT-5 program started on 1st July 2005. The launch of the satellite is scheduled for the end of 2008, with the objective to complete... (read more)
2006-03-20 12:00:00


Applanix has released its next-generation POS LV (Position and Orientation System for Land Vehicles), the POS LV Version 5. Now with a POS Computer System (PCS) that is half the size of the previous version, ruggedised and fully sealed, the POS LV V5 delivers highly accurate, uninterrupted positioning and orientation information from a moving vehicle with superior reliability and in almost any environment. The system has been redesigned as a more compact, rugged, and sealed unit. Improved durability and reliability will allow users to take the POS LV into more extreme environments to address additional mobile mapping and navigation applications.... (read more)
2010-08-18 02:53:00

Intermap Technologies and G-VR Agreement

Intermap Technologies has announced an agreement with G-VR Limited to produce optimised triangulated irregular network (TIN) models created from Intermap\'s digital terrain elevation data. Optimised TIN models (OTMs) are used by engineering firms working with a wide range of computer-aided design applications, including landscape modeling, engineering and design, architectural visualisation, and computer gaming.   OTMs can be combined with other geospatial layers and imagery data to create powerful and useful 3D visualisations. For instance, a landscape modeling application can use an OTM to provide the shape of particular landforms prior to development. The complete 3D visualisation will show viewers how... (read more)
2008-07-08 10:16:02

New Contex G600 42” Series Scanners

Contex (VA, USA) has introduced the G600 42” family of Colour and Monochrome Scanners. The CHROMA G600 Colour Scanner, CRYSTAL G600 Scanner, and NEW PREMIER G600 Monochrome scanner all feature 48-bit CCD Technology for 22,500 (PREMIER, monochrome only) and up to 90,000 (CHROMA and CRYSTAL, colour and monochrome) pixel image capture. Additional features include, Accuracy Lens Enhancement (ALE) for precise and stable scan accuracy of 0.1%+- 1 pixel, all-wheel drive for smoothly handling large originals, and Automatic Thickness Adjustment (ATAC) that allows scanning of up to 15mm/.6” media thickness. All scanners include flexible connectivity with FireWire, USB 2.0, STI (Still... (read more)
2006-08-02 12:00:00

Contex TOUCAN G25 Colour Scanner

Contex (VA, USA) has released the TOUCAN G25 colour scanner which combines the features of its predecessors into a single compact large document scanner which can scan documents up to 25” wide. It retains the Contex’ 48-bit CCD Technology for 32,000 pixel image capture. Additional features include, scan accuracy of 0.1%+- 1 pixel, all-wheel drive for smoothly handling of large originals and flexible connectivity with both FireWire and USB 2.0 for ease of installation and use. The TOUCAN captures colour at 48 bit colour data capture and 16-bit gray tones for maximum image precision. Using an all-digital camera with advanced... (read more)
2006-08-02 12:00:00

G100 Integrated Auto-Steering and Guidance

Hemisphere GPS has launched its G100 all-in-one steering and guidance system for auto-steer ready agricultural vehicles during AG Connect in Orlando (FL, USA). With the device mounted on the roof of the cab, it can be easily connected to the ISOBUS port of the in-cab terminal. G100 comes with a custom software application that is developed specifically for compatibility with ISOBUS components to automatically sense the machine it is connected to for immediate startup and operation.     The first version of the G100 software is compatible with the AGCO Auto-Guide Ready tractors including AGCO DT-b and RT-a, Challenger MT600C... (read more)
2010-01-15 02:41:00

Harrier 56/G3 Scans 200,000 ppp

TopoSys (Germany) has introduced the third generation of the airborne laser sensor system Harrier 56/G3. It allows scanning with 200,000 laser pulses per second and provides highest level of details for applications such as corridor mapping. The TopoSys sensor system Harrier 56 that was introduced in October 2005 has been and is now presented in the third generation as Harrier 56/G3. The 15 pulse rate of the laser has been increased from 100,000 laser pulses to 200,000 laser pulses per second, what results in a lot of advantages especially for corridor mapping applications and in the sector of construction and... (read more)
2006-12-21 10:51:24

FOSS4G 2015: Call for Presentations

The FOSS4G organising committee has announced the Call for Presentations for the conference, which will be held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, from 14-19 September 2015. The programme is expected to include around 200 presentations showing the uses of open-source geospatial software in various fields and benefits of open-source geospatial software. There will be 6-8 parallel streams in a range of subjects from diverse fields. Each individual presentation will be allowed about 25 minutes plus 5 minutes for Q&A. FOSS4G will, as always, be a leading showcase event for new applications, projects, government policies, case studies, business perspectives and training... (read more)
2015-04-30 10:32:03
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