Network RTK Repeater Using Radio

Settop has announced the release of the new SETTOP Repeater version. Settop Repeater allows Rover-RTK network users to work in areas of low or no GSM coverage by receiving differential corrections via radio. The firmware update allows the possibility to connect any external radio model from the market and connect the Settop Repeater to precision agriculture systems or machine control. Repeater field application versatility is managed by an intuitive software controlled using a touch screen. Hardware design and field applications versatility make Settop Repeater a solution for land surveying applications, marine works, control machinery and agriculture. (read more)
2013-06-19 12:02:21

USDA FAS/IPAD Prime Vendor Contract

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), Office of Global Analysis (OGA), International Production Assessment Division (IPAD) announces CompassData (Co, USA) as the latest addition to the Prime Vendor Contract.          CompassData provides a collection of high-accuracy GPS ground control points (GCP) for the processing of digital remote sensing imagery. Under the USDA Prime Vendor Contract, CompassData will provide new and archived ground control points to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). USDA will use the CompassData control points to process digital imagery used in domestic and international projects.       (read more)
2009-03-27 04:14:06

IACS and GERK in Slovenia

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia has presented the internet applications of land use in Slovenia. Besides the data from the digital land cadastres, orthopohotos, data layers with land use polygons, and topographic data are also traceable. With the support of the GIS viewer-tools, common in every GIS application, the program enables the user to search the whole Slovenia. The internet application is part of the implementation of the Integrated Administration Control System (IACS). The reestablishment of IACS is a requirement for financial support from EU to member states. Slovenia has been using the... (read more)
2005-05-04 12:00:00

Unveiling of GeoCapacity for India

PCI Geomatics (Canada) has announced a series of events in India including New Delhi (January 17), Chandigarh (January 19) and Hyderabad (January 22) to showcase the success of the first phase of the Agricultural GeoCapacity Network (AGCN) project. In partnership with the Punjab Remote Sensing Center, PAU, Info-Electronic Systems (Montreal and New Delhi) and CIDA Inc, the AGCN phase I project provides a proof of concept that illustrates how information on crop yields and trend analysis can be automatically generated and delivered to scientists, government officials and the general public via a simple web browser. Developed in conjunction with Indian... (read more)
2007-01-17 11:31:05

Advancing Smart Farming Thanks to Geospatial Technologies

The Netherlands’ agricultural exports are booming. In 2016, a record EUR85 billion worth of farming products were shipped around the globe, making the country (with an area of only 41,543 square kilometres!) the second-largest exporting nation in the world. Precision agriculture, also known as ‘smart farming’, is likely to further boost these export activities significantly in the coming years, as geospatial technologies help farmers to continue to increase their production. The use of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) – in particular GPS – has already become mainstream in the agriculture sector. Various machinery guiding and positioning solutions are available for... (read more)
2017-01-27 09:30:25

GSDI Support for SDI Initiatives Continues

In 2014, the GSDI Association was once again able to support international spatial data infrastructure (SDI) initiatives through the Small Grants Program. With resources and cooperation from Natural Resources Canada’s GeoConnections, U.S. Federal Geographic Data Committee, and the GISCorps of URISA, four projects received awards. Since 2003, the GSDI Association's Small Grants Program has supported more than 100 projects worldwide with outcomes that include convening national or sub-national seminars or workshops related to SDIs, producing training manuals and modules related to SDI and Earth observation systems (EOS), establishing metadata and clearinghouse nodes, establishing web mapping services and applications, accomplishing geodata... (read more)
2015-04-10 11:16:18

Hemisphere Revenue Increases 35%

Hemisphere GPS has reported their financial results for the fourth quarter and year ended 31st December 2008. The company achieved a 35% increase in revenues to a record of USD72.7 million, versus USD53.7 million in 2007. 2008 growth was driven by strong market fundamentals in agriculture during the year including high farm incomes. Revenues in the Ground Agriculture business grew 34% for the year, while the Air Agriculture business grew 31%.     Strong grain commodity prices lead to record net farm income in the United States in 2007, and similarly in other countries, which in turn drove stronger sales... (read more)
2009-03-04 01:31:20

Genesys Added to USDA Prime Vendor Contract

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), Office of Global Analysis (OGA) have added Genesys International Corporation to the Prime Vendor Contract. Genesys is a major global provider of Remote Sensing and GIS services and is the only Indian company providing Remote Sensing services to the USDA for satellite data analysis.     The Office of Global Analysis of the USDA FAS is responsible for global crop condition assessments and estimates of area, yield, and production for grains, oilseeds, and cotton. The primary mission of OGA is to target, collect, analyze, and disseminate timely, objective, useful, and cost-effective... (read more)
2009-05-25 10:31:08

EarthMap Solutions Licenses Image Processing Software from Boeing

Boeing (IL, USA) has entered into a license agreement with EarthMap Solutions, Inc. (CO, USA) to provide imagery products and services to the Agriculture and Land Management markets. The company will combine the licensed Boeing image processing software with its own proprietary technology to strengthen its competitive offerings. EarthMap Solutions expects target markets for its products and services to exceed US$ 1 billion. The licensed technology was originally developed under a Boeing-led joint venture to leverage the company’s capabilities into emerging markets for remote imagery products and services, including agriculture. A corporate decision to focus on growth opportunities in core... (read more)
2005-03-21 12:00:00

MrSID for GIS Centre of Excellence

The GIS Centre of Excellence within the Office of Agriculture and Geoinformation (ALG) in Switzerland has recently purchased GeoExpress 8 through its German reseller, GAF AG. The Centre is an agency of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs and employs around forty people to manage the agriculture and environmental resources of the region. This work involves the use of a large amount of high quality aerial photograph and to overcome the storage and access problems that these large file sizes create, the agency will now convert their images to MrSID.LizardTech has recently released the latest version of their flagship... (read more)
2011-02-24 12:08:13
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