ArcGIS Explorer

ESRI's newest release of ArcGIS Explorer became available for free download last Friday. This is a GIS visualisation tool that connects directly to a variety of ready-to-use ArcGIS Online basemaps and layers and enables users to add their own map services or local data. It can also be extended with users' existing geoprocessing tools. ArcGIS Explorer is designed to work directly with maps and layers authored using ArcGIS Desktop and published via ArcGIS Server or shared using layer packages.     ArcGIS Explorer now has an intuitive and easy-to-use ribbon interface, giving users the ability to manage and organise tools... (read more)
2009-08-17 02:21:21

ArcGIS Explorer Desktop Tighter with ArcGIS Online

The most recent ArcGIS Explorer Desktop release includes new features and enhancements to make it a more powerful tool in an enterprise GIS, including content sharing via ArcGIS Online, tabular information display, and new presentation tools. ArcGIS Explorer Desktop is a free GIS viewer that enables the exploration and visualisation of GIS information. The new version of ArcGIS Explorer Desktop allows users to upload GIS content directly to ArcGIS Online accounts, where anyone with Internet access can see it. Integrating ArcGIS Explorer with ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS, Esri's on-premises cloud, expands its support for role assignment, creation of... (read more)
2013-02-19 10:00:24

ArcGIS 9.1 Now Available

ESRI (CA, USA) has announced that ArcGIS 9.1 is now available. ArcGIS 9.1 is a full release of ArcGIS Desktop (ArcReader, ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo), ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS, and ArcSDE. In addition, it is the main vehicle for the release of Network Analyst on the ArcGIS platform. Key features of ArcGIS 9.1: ArcGIS 9.1 includes user-requested quality improvements and enhancements across all products and adds support for large datasets ArcGIS 9.1 matches the graphical user interface with the geoprocessing functionality by adding geoprocessing tools to the ArcGIS Desktop products: 63 tools to ArcView, 86 tools to ArcEditor, and... (read more)
2005-05-26 12:00:00

ArcGIS Earth 1.0 Available

ArcGIS Earth 1.0 is now available from Esri. ArcGIS Earth is an interactive globe viewer that helps to explore any part of the world and work with 3D and 2D map data including KML. This lightweight desktop app was built specifically for users who need a user-friendly, consistent experience for browsing enterprise map data, quickly viewing files and communicating spatial information. This release is the first, fully supported production release of the newest 3D product in the Esri ArcGIS platform. Earth will now begin a regular update cycle and Esri welcomes feedback as the basis for further improvements. Own content Any... (read more)
2016-01-18 11:55:57

MapSpeller for ArcGIS

Edgetech America, Inc. (USA) has released a novel, spatially-smart spell checker for ArcGIS Desktop users. Before printing, MapSpeller quickly checks for, suggests corrections to, and corrects spelling errors in and around GIS maps using patent-pending processes.   The MapSpeller toolbar is delivered as an ArcGIS extension and is available for purchase in the USA. The introductory pricing has been set between $80 and $150, depending on quantity. Prospective buyers are invited to try out the software before purchasing with a free 30-day evaluation keycode. Future versions of MapSpeller are expected to include multi-lingual capabilities for international users. (read more)
2007-06-15 02:30:35

SDI Extension for ArcGIS

The Carbon Project has released an update to CarbonArc PRO, its Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) 1.0 extension for ArcGIS. SDI 1.0 is a selected suite of OGC standards endorsed as part of ongoing efforts by government agencies to promote interoperability. CarbonArc PRO 1.5 brings a new generation of SDI 1.0 compliant data discovery and production tools directly to the ArcGIS desktop.   "CarbonArc PRO 1.5 wraps the OGC SDI suite of standards into a new generation of user friendly data production tools for the ESRI ArcGIS 9.2 desktop," said Jeff Harrison, president and CEO of The... (read more)
2008-02-21 02:49:24

ArcGIS for Situational Awareness

Meeting the complex challenges of homeland security, emergency management, and public safety organizations, ESRI has released ArcGIS for Situational Awareness. This hardware, software, and data bundle provides a complete framework for geospatial intelligence and decision making. It gives organizations enterprise access to timely and accurate information about their operations and events.   Security executives, incident managers, analysts, operators, and others, can use the bundle to prepare for potential emergencies and respond effectively when they occur. It also provides accurate, real-time monitoring and updates of events on the ground as well as decision support analysis.   ArcGIS for Situational Awareness bridges... (read more)
2009-02-13 10:12:34

Definiens Extension for ArcGIS

Definiens (Germany) has unveiled Definiens Extension for ArcGIS, which allows organisations to combine ESRI's GIS technology, ArcGIS, with the Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence Suite of products to better leverage the value of information contained in earth observation and remote sensing images. Having joined the ESRI business partner program as an ArcGIS Integration Partner, Definiens provides a simple-to-use iterative workflow for the ArcGIS environment to enrich GIS applications with additional intelligence from images, producing accurate and detailed map data in a standardised and cost-efficient way.   Definiens Extension for ArcGIS supports GIS users by improving their efficiency, providing deeper insights and... (read more)
2007-06-22 02:26:09

ArcGIS Server Geoportal Extension

The 9.3.1 version of the ArcGIS Server Geoportal extension (formerly the GIS Portal Toolkit) is available. At 9.3.1, the Geoportal extension improves efficiency and collaboration with enhancements for discovering and publishing GIS resources and integrating a geoportal with enterprise systems.     Organisations can use this extension to create geoportals that allow them to manage geospatial data and publish the locations and descriptions of their geospatial resources to the Internet or an intranet. Visitors to a geoportal can easily search, discover, and connect to geographic information system (GIS) resources registered with the geoportal and integrate them into their own projects,... (read more)
2009-07-13 03:08:49

ArcGIS Extensions Geographic Calculator

Blue Marble Geographics (ME, USA) has released Geographic Calculator v7.0, a version upgrade that features a new Arc Extension, enabling users to access Blue Marble features directly in ESRI's ArcGIS software. This exciting new capability for Calculator extends ArcGIS as a geodetic definition and geospatial management interface. Blue Marble's coordinate conversion technology is used worldwide by thousands of GIS analysts at software companies, universities, oil and gas companies, civil engineering, surveying, technology, enterprise GIS groups, government and military organisations.   The new Arc Extension allows users to work with the Geographic Calculator directly in ArcGIS. Some of the main features... (read more)
2007-12-17 09:23:41
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