Pioneers in 3D GIS Solutions
VirtualcitySYSTEMS, head­quartered in Dresden, Germany, is a privately owned company.     One of the earliest 3D-city models created by virtualcitySYSTEMS (VCS) dates back to 2001, when the mayor of Akron Ohio, USA, visited Akron's sister city in Germany (Chemnitz) and saw a presentation of the Chemnitz 3D model. He immediately commissioned one for his own city to use in promoting economic development. Technology limitations then meant 3D-city model creation was a very expensive manual process. However, for the past four years VCS has employed largely automatic processes, making not only creation but also upkeep of such models more economically... (read more)
2009-01-12 02:26:39

Project Finalists 2012 Be Inspired Awards

Bentley Systems, USA, has announced the project finalists in the 2012 Be Inspired Awards competition and the seven winners of the 2012 Be Inspired Special Recognition Awards. The awards honour the extraordinary work of Bentley users improving and sustaining the world’s infrastructure making optimal use of geospatial data. The winners of the Be Inspired Awards will be announced at the invitation-only Be Inspired: Innovations in Infrastructure event taking place 13 to 14 November 2012, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This year’s keynote speaker is Greg Williams, executive editor, Wired magazine, a three-time National Magazine Award–winning publication focused on how ideas and innovation... (read more)
2012-10-11 10:54:20

Counting Down: Looking Ahead to GEO Business 2017

Leading organisations from across the geospatial industry, including Ordnance Survey, Google, HS2, Department of Transport, ARUP, Esri, AGI, and the RICS, will feature prominently in the GEO Business 2017 Conference programme. Returning to the Business Design Centre in London, next month (from 23-24 May), the UK’s biggest geospatial exhibition and conference of the year has unveiled a raft of big-name speakers for its 2017 event. Innovation, efficiency, resilience, automation, BIM standards, digital engineering, infrastructure design and investment, smart technology, the implications of Brexit, and future predictions are just some of the topics under discussion. To have many of the profession’s... (read more)
2017-04-25 01:13:31

Providing Reality Your Way in the Geosystems Track at HxGN LIVE

More than 3,000 professionals from the technology community came together to discover game-changing solutions, receive unprecedented access to hundreds of technical and educational workshops, and to collaborate with leadership, industry experts and peers at the HxGN Live 2018 event which held its annual four-day international digital solutions conference from 12 to 15 June at The Venetian in Las Vegas. In the Geosystems Track, attendees were challenged to discover their own digital realities throughout the event, and they delivered at every turn. The Reality of Training During the first day, attendees participated in hands-on training that provided expert instructions in laser scanning.... (read more)
2018-07-12 01:41:26

Coloured Point Clouds from In-built Cameras

Automated Colouring of Walls, Ceilings and Floors
Terrestrial laser scanners equipped with in-built cameras are well suited for identifying surfaces in point clouds of building interiors. The colours from the images can be automatically projected on the planar structures, resulting in a textured 3D model of rooms, halls, corridors, stairwells and other indoor spaces. Besides this, using computer vision methods, sockets, switches and other objects attached to walls can be automatically identified in the 3D model and their x,y,z positions determined. This article presents a case study. Many terrestrial laser scanners (TLSs) not only acquire range measurements from which 3D coordinates of points can be calculated, but... (read more)
2017-09-21 01:29:19

GML Expertise

Snowflake Software
As a privately held company based in Southampton, UK, Snowflake Software provides consultancy, training and generic solutions that allow users to benefit from open standards. Prior to starting Snowflake in 2001, the founders, Eddie Curtis and Ian Painter, were key architects at the Ordnance Survey (OS) and instrumental in the development of OS MasterMap, the UK’s large-scale dataset, supplied in GML format. During their years with OS the founders began to realise a growing need for easy-to-use tools to exploit the benefits of GML.<P> Today the industry is beginning to realise the true benefits of GML, which is fast becoming... (read more)
2007-12-08 12:00:00

Urban Planning, Management and Decision-making in the Cloud

SmarterBetterCities is a software company located in Zurich, Switzerland, which creates CloudCities: a cloud platform for smart city planning and smarter urban management. In line with the SmarterBetterCities’ mission – ‘to replace an army of specialists with a single web platform’ – CloudCities is a simple, smart and attractive platform for urban planning, putting decision-making at users' fingertips. Smart tools such as SmarterBetterCities’ 3D Cities Libraries offer solutions for instant city modelling and energy demand assessment. Users can upload 3D city models using various file formats and show off their projects and significant context data, e.g. energy consumption, floor areas or... (read more)
2016-03-22 11:39:08

Expanding Horizons: Geospatial Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

From New York to Dubai to Myanmar, more smart cities are springing up across the globe. As more countries start to digitally transform, the futuristic cities and state-of-the-art gadgets that once belonged only to the realms of science fiction may soon become our reality... and they will be made possible with the advancement of the geospatial industry. The global geospatial analytics market is estimated to be worth USD$134.48 billion by 2025, with the market registering a compound annual growth rate of 15% between 2019 and 2025[1]. Asia Pacific is also expected to see the highest growth during that period, fuelled by numerous... (read more)
2020-02-27 09:45:08

Scanning 100 Dutch Railway Stations

Geomaat recently performed extensive 3D laser scanning and 3D modelling for the Dutch railway organization, ProRail. ProRail is the organization that takes care of the entire railway network in the Netherlands, from construction to maintenance. It is essential that the data in the ‘Basic Management Map’ (Basisbeheerkaart), which is used to manage the network, is up to date at all times. ProRail works with various suppliers to map the railway network. One of those suppliers is Geomaat, which recently supported Arcadis on a ProRail project in order to add its own experience in 3D laser scanning and 3D modelling to Arcadis’ extensive railway-related... (read more)
2020-07-28 01:39:55

The Future of Lidar is Critical to the Future of Our World

What will be the future of Lidar? To quote Abraham Lincoln: “The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it”. So what is currently being created in the geospatial market? This article focuses on Lidar in relation to a number of relevant themes: Lidar technology, open data and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML). Lidar technology is developing rapidly, as illustrated by the number of start-up companies to serve the autonomous market which feature traditional mechanical scanning devices, tiny-chip solid-state Lidar units and the emerging FMCW Lidar. The fact that Apple has announced an iPad with Lidar indicates this technology’s... (read more)
2020-10-02 01:09:36
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