3D City Models of Paris and Florence

CyberCity AG (Switzerland) has extended its library of European 3D city models with two impressive datasets: Paris and Florence. Paris 3D is a highly detailed 3D model of the city of Paris. It covers the 20 city districts with an extent of 90km2 and includes more than 200'000 reality-based 3D building models, generated semi-automatically from aerial images (dated June 2005) with the specialised photogrammetric software CyberCity-Modeler. CyberCity distributes the 3D city model, the detailed digital terrain model and the orthophoto (AeroGRID France, 12.5cm and 25cm resolution). Florence 3D was generated from 20cm-resolution digital aerial images (dated June 2006) with the... (read more)
2007-01-10 03:29:51

Z-Max.Net GPS Tests TERIA

Magellan Z-Max.Net has has been qualified for the new French GPS Reference Network Teria. Originally planned by the Ordre des Géomètres-Experts (French Surveyors Union) to facilitate the work of its members, the TERIA network is an RTK network, based on the use of Magellan reference stations, that will allow users to position themselves in real time with great accuracy, throughout Metropolitan France using the positioning reference of the established network. EXAGONE, the network administrator, will make available an accurate and instant positioning tool for all georeferencing applications.   The tests performed in August this year were the first in the... (read more)
2006-12-28 09:59:38

First ALS LIDAR Project

Airborne Laser Solutions (South Africa) has undertaken the first aerial lidar survey project in its new Rockwell Aero Commander 1000 aircraft. This survey is required for the route selection and design of a 220km-power line linking Tete in Mozambique and Blantyre in Malawi. The company’s prime equipment currently consists of an Optech 3033 ALTM LiDAR system combined with a Hasselblad camera and Phase One digital back. With this equipment in the Aero Commander ALS is able to generate terrain models at 50cm to 10cm vertical accuracy, and colour digital orthophotos at pixel ground resolution ranging from 50cm to 10cm. The... (read more)
2005-03-17 12:00:00

TerraPos Post-processing Software

The Norwegian company Terratec has introduced software capable of accurate positioning based on post-processing of GPS-observations, without the use of reference stations or DGPS services. Typical accuracy for kinematic applications are 3cm horizontally and 4cm vertically (RMS). This level of accuracy makes the software unique worldwide. TerraPos utilises precise orbits and clock corrections for the satellites, together with advanced error modelling to produce positions with impressing accuracy. Typpical RMS for a kinematic survey is 3cm horizontally and 4cm vertically. The result is an excellent tool for positioning in applications allowing for post-processing, such as airborne photogrammetric or Lidar operations, seabed... (read more)
2006-12-08 12:00:00

10 Million Square Kilometres of High-resolution Aerial Views

Esri and DigitalGlobe recently updated the ArcGIS World Imagery basemap service with more than 10 million square kilometres of high-resolution aerial views. The World Imagery Map is a free map service for ArcGIS users that contains quality contributions from Esri partners and the global GIS community. The World Imagery Map is one of several useful basemap services freely accessible through ArcGIS Online. The new update includes 30cm imagery for the continental United States down to 1:1,000 scale, and 60cm imagery for large parts of Western Europe down to 1:2,000 scale. Throughout 2013, Esri and DigitalGlobe will grow the map with... (read more)
2013-02-26 08:37:05

Aerodata Completes Data Acquisition in The Netherlands

Aerodata Int. Surveys (Belgium) has announced the completion of aerial photography of the province of Zeeland (The Netherlands) with her own digital frame camera, the 90-megapixel Vexcel UltraCam-D, at 15cm GSD (Ground Sample Distance). In three days of perfect weather conditions more than 5.000 photos with stereoscopic overlap were taken over an area of around 3.000km², after which the data acquisition of built-up areas with 7,5cm GSD commenced. Only a few days later all 15cm imagery had passed quality assurance to enable further digital processing (orthorectification and mosaicking) without any delays. The complete dataset will be ready and will be... (read more)
2005-04-13 12:00:00

Medium-format Cameras for High-accuracy Mapping

Field Test of the Phase One iXU-RS1000 Camera
Small and medium-format cameras are increasingly gaining popularity for mapping small and medium-size areas, corridors, construction sites and cities. They are also used as companions of Lidar systems, mounted on unmanned aerial systems (UASs), and for monitoring and inspecting infrastructure. The author of this article investigated the suitability of the Phase One iXU-RS1000 camera for high-accuracy mapping and found this medium-format camera to be a metric camera with stable and clearly definable interior orientation parameters, producing images of high geometric and radiometric quality. In photogrammetry it is important that cameras produce images of which the geometric distortions are as small... (read more)
2018-01-17 10:09:48

DIMAC Systems IT Rack

DIMAC Systems (Luxembourg) has unveiled its latest generation IT Rack, the centralised image acquisition system of its renowned DiMAC (Digital Modular Aerial Camera). The IT Rack has been designed to be fitted on any type of aircraft, from small single engine planes to large bi-turbo ones. Its design, size (HxWxD: 44x27x36cm /17x11x14 in) and weight (35kg/75lbs) make this tailor-made anti-vibration rack easy to install on and remove from any aircraft. The IT Rack is made of three high-quality components: the Master Computer Unit, the Slave Computer Unit and the Removable Storage Unit.   The Master Computer Unit can be considered... (read more)
2008-09-16 11:15:09

Palm-sized Dual Frequency RTK GPS receiver

Geneq has presented one of the world's smallest dual-frequency (GPS L1/L2) GPS RTK receivers for high-accuracy GIS data collection. The SXBlue III GPS is weighing slightly more than one pound (517g) and fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand. Equally small is its patch antenna. At 5.5cm wide and weighing 80 grams, according to Geneq it is one of the smallest dual-frequency antennas in the world. The SXBlue III GPS offers 51 channels of proven 1-cm RTK performance and tracks L1 C/A code and L1 P(Y)/L2 P(Y) carrier phase as well as SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS/GAGAN). Support for RTK Networks is... (read more)
2010-11-17 11:13:01

A3 Edge Digital Mapping System Upgrades Oblique Capabilities

VisionMap has announced the introduction of upgraded oblique capabilities to its A3 Edge Digital Mapping System. The A3 Edge camera, well-known for its high capture productivity, now utilises a proprietary roll stabilisation technology that increases its efficiency, particularly for oblique projects. The A3 Edge camera collects images by means of two telescopes that sweep from side to side to create an extremely wide 106° field of view. Each sweep captures oblique and vertical images simultaneously. The new roll stabilisation technology shortens the time it takes to complete each sweep, allowing for even faster coverage of the entire area. Productivity is... (read more)
2015-07-30 09:31:13
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