Dedicated Building Information Modelling Academy

Crossrail and Bentley Systems, UK, have launched a dedicated Information Academy to provide hands-on technology and software training to the Crossrail supply chain for designing and building the new railway including 3D Mapping and Building Information Modelling (BIM). The Information Academy will capture, develop and share BIM best practices with the Crossrail supply chain. The increased use of BIM by the industry is a key element of the Government Construction Strategy. Andrew Wolstenholme, Crossrail’s chief executive, said that Crossrail is pioneering the use of Building Information Modelling in Europe on a scale that has not been undertaken before. This has... (read more)
2012-08-23 03:38:21

Interoperability across Building Life Cycle

buildingSMART alliance, the OGC and Sponsors of the AECOO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner and Operator) Testbed have issued a Request for Technology (RFT). This document provides global software and research communities, business trade organizations and their membership an opportunity to identify their technology solutions relevant to the testbed's three focus areas:   -  Decision support and general communications - connecting building models with business processes -  Energy analysis during design -  Cost estimation during design   These three focus areas were selected as offering significant business benefits to the global market for interoperable solutions. Respondents will provide buildingSMART alliance, the... (read more)
2008-02-13 09:46:58

AGI 2007: Building a GeoCommunity

The organisers of AGI 2007: Building a GeoCommunity have announced a comprehensive range of hands on workshops as part of this years conference programme. AGI 2007 has already attracted contributions from representatives of Google, Navteq, Oracle, Atkins, The Environment Agency, Metropolitan Police and Zurich together with record ‘early bird' delegate registrations. The Workshop programme will be co-ordinated and managed by Training 4 GIS and will include contributions from Ordnance Survey, Pitney Bowes MapInfo, ESRI (UK) and The GeoInformation Group.   Delegates at AGI 2007: Building a GeoCommunity will be able to reserve places in advance at the hands on training... (read more)
2007-08-03 02:25:00

Map Application Building Software Released

map.apps, the solution from con terra, Germany, for building innovative apps for web and mobile, is now available for software developers via the free Developer Edition. With map.apps, con terra offers the chance to create map applications based on the Esri JavaScript API. To allow customers, integrators and software developers to simplify creating their own map.apps-based applications, solutions or products, con terra has created a new Developer Edition licensing specifically for the purpose of software development. The Developer Edition is intended only for development of applications based on map.apps. Operational sites then require a standard license by the respective site... (read more)
2013-02-11 11:15:54

Post-conflict Land Administration: Facilitating State-building

Facilitating State-building
The most serious concerns in armed conflicts are human casualties, destroyed infrastructure and houses, and displacement of populations. Destruction and displacement have a big influence on land and property-related issues during, and specifically in the aftermath of, a conflict (Unruh & Williams, 2013). Land issues grow in complexity immediately after the conflict as many displaced people return to their places of origin to find their houses and properties destroyed, damaged or illegally occupied by secondary occupants. Land and its administration are always negatively affected during conflicts and in post-conflict situations. In this article, the author argues that, if land and... (read more)
2017-04-12 09:34:37

Crowdsourcing Contest for Digitally Capturing 'Building Footprints'

New Zealand's LINZ is giving Canterbury high-school students the chance to become even more actively and personally involved in the rebuild of their region – and to win prizes in the process. Run by LINZ – with Canterbury University and Environment Canterbury – 'Building Our Footprints' is a crowdsourcing contest aimed at digitally capturing 'building footprints' in Selwyn, Waimakariri and Christchurch. Building footprints are 2D shapes of where buildings touch the ground.  Accurate footprints are used by councils in managing property information, and by emergency services, said LINZ Canterbury SDI programme manager Julian Carver. Selwyn and Waimakariri currently have few... (read more)
2014-07-28 09:32:51

New UK Building-height Data Released

Customers of OS MasterMap Topography Layer can now access information on the heights of almost 20 million buildings across Great Britain with the alpha release of Ordnance Survey's building height attributes. Released on 17 March, OS MasterMap Topography Layer – Building Height Attributes is a product enhancement to OS MasterMap Topography Layer, and available to licence-holders at no additional cost. The alpha release covers some 8,000km2 of the major towns and cities across Great Britain, providing customers with additional generalised attributes on building heights. From aiding with planning for ‘right to light’ policies in local government to enabling the utilities... (read more)
2014-03-18 11:21:00

Solution for Highly Accurate Building Floor Plans

3D Laser Mapping has launched a solution developed to change the production of highly accurate building floor plans. Combining the ZEB1 handheld laser mapping system with point cloud processing software, the end-to-end solution will allow users to scan and produce detailed floor plans in a matter of minutes. The announcement follows an agreement between UK-based 3D Laser Mapping, worldwide distributors of the ZEB1 handheld mapper, and PointCab, a German software company specialising in the processing of laser-scanned data. The combination of ZEB1 and PointCab creates a powerful solution for building surveyors, said Charlie Whyman, global sales and marketing manager, 3D... (read more)
2014-12-12 09:17:48

Bluesky Launches Nationwide Map of Building Heights

Aerial mapping company Bluesky has launched the first UK nationwide map providing accurate height measurements for around 40 million buildings. Created from a combination of remote sensing surveys, including data from aircraft mounted lasers (Lidar), the Bluesky Heighted Building dataset covers the whole of England, Wales and Scotland, and will help to change the way we visualise and understand the built environment. By applying height values to 41,083,111 buildings, Bluesky is giving planners, developers, local government, utility companies and the emergency services a brand new perspective. Including multiple values for every residential, leisure, retail, commercial and industrial structure in mainland... (read more)
2017-07-13 02:17:30
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