New Book: ‘GNSS Survey & Engineering’

Geomares Education introduces a new book, called ‘GNSS Survey & Engineering’, written by Huibert-Jan Lekkerkerk. 'GNSS Survey & Engineering' is aimed at providing the everyday professional GPS user with enough background information for the understanding and correct operation of satellite navigation equipment in general and particularly GPS. The new book is based on the lectures the author has written for the Skilltrade course in hydrographic surveying as well as a series of articles on satellite navigation systems. Today, GPS is almost synonymous with simple navigation and positioning in nearly all sectors. There are many brands and models to choose from... (read more)
2017-01-25 02:53:49

Luciad Releases LuciadMap V8.0

Luciad has released LuciadMap Version 8. LuciadMap is a suite of customisable software components that system integrators and original equipment manufacturers can easily integrate into their existing systems. The product has a global user base in aviation, security and maritime sectors. Luciad is one of the first vendors to integrate Oracle Spatial 11g with its technology. Luciad's product packaging is now fully aligned with the Oracle product line-up, offering transparency and seamless integration for customers. With Version 8.0, Luciad introduces new capabilities for the handling of large amounts of data. For example, the ECDIS specialised package is now geared for... (read more)
2008-05-21 10:01:53

OGC Standards in Aviation, Security and Maritime

Until the end of the nineties, high-end systems in the aviation, security and maritime sectors were custom-built, monolithic proprietary software systems that were expensive to develop and maintain. With the arrival of object-oriented technology, systems integrators and software developers have realised the benefits of open, component-based software solutions and have adopted this technology. This shift has created new opportunities for developers of air-traffic control and command-and-control systems, enabling them to take advantage of Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc (OGC) standards, along with other open standards, in order to combine best-of-breed solutions from different vendors and efficiently use and reuse geographical data.... (read more)
2006-10-23 12:00:00

The Increasing Importance of Satellite-derived Bathymetry

Effective Surveying Tool For The Shallow Water Zone
Bathymetric data in the shallow water zone is of increasing importance to support various applications such as safety of navigation, reconnaissance surveys, coastal zone management or hydrodynamic modelling. A gap was identified between data demand, costs and the ability to map with ship and airborne sensors. This has led to the rise of a new tool to map shallow-water bathymetry using multispectral satellite image data, widely known as Satellite Derived Bathymetry (SDB). Read on for an article providing an overview of the SDB methods, showing how data can be integrated into survey campaigns and highlighting three use cases. (By Knut Hartmann,... (read more)
2017-05-04 09:40:17

Effective Use of Geospatial Big Data

Server Solutions Hold the Key
To deal with today's unprecedented quantities of big data, mission-critical geospatial analysis systems require purposely designed software that has been tested in the most demanding environments. The heart of any geospatial analysis system, regardless of its location or configuration, is increasingly becoming the server. All systems face a similar challenge, whether the system is in the ‘cloud’, a secure data centre or on a single machine running in an office. This challenge is primarily the ability to deal with the ever-increasing quantities and variety of data the world now produces at an unprecedented rate. This article explains how, for mission-critical... (read more)
2017-11-01 11:45:06
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