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Geo Databases

This product survey is the third in a series entitled ‘Spatial Data Management in Geo databases’ (‘RDBMS’). A trend can be observed in integration of spatial data with other attributes in Relational DataBase Systems. The Open Geospatial Consortium succeeded in the development and provision of a comprehensive set of OpenGIS standards related to spatial data management adopted by the GIS and database industries, including the Geography Markup Language. Watching today’s Geo database market one learns that the functionality of some Geo database products have evolved. Oracle for example supports planar topology with Oracle 10g. This enables topology to be validated... (read more)
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  Geographical analysis must form the basis of any strategy for economic development of a region. Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University in New York and writer of best-sellers The End of Poverty and Common Wealth , Economics for a Crowded Planet is clear on this point. The role of geography, geo-information or geospatial analysis cannot be overestimated as a determining factor in today’s policy-making for a better world. Sachs, in a keynote speech to the congress of the American Association of Geographers in Boston on 15th April, described six areas where geography in its many... (read more)
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