GIS-Pro 2011 Events

A number of events will be featured at GIS-Pro 2011: URISA's 49th Annual Conference taking place from 1st to 4th November 2011 in Indianapolis, USA. An 'All Things Geospatial' evening, Ignite session, Lightning Talks, an OpenStreetMap Lab, Esri Technical Workshops and User Group Meeting, and a DevMeetUp are all scheduled this year. URISA is also hosting a working group during the conference to develop the final tier of the Geospatial Technology Competency Model for the US Department of Labor (DOL). This tier will establish the competencies needed for GIS managers.     Conference chair Geney Terry, GISP noted that the... (read more)
2011-09-26 11:17:27

Bringing in GIS (2)

A Robust and Quantative Business Case
Senior management with sufficient buying power and influence will only support IT programmes that directly and demonstrably add value to the organisation; a share in the budget must be aggressively competed for. The department with the most robust, articulate and proven business case or ‘game plan’ will get the largest share. The authors provide insight into building such a business case. This is the second in a series of three articles. The first promoted a top-down approach to effecting change within an organisation, rather than pushing from the bottom up with a technology-driven solution. A three-step approach was outlined: (1)... (read more)
2008-08-27 12:00:00

Orbit GIS X

Orbit GeoSpatial Technologies launched Orbit GIS X, the new generation desktop GIS. Orbit GIS X is the new engine for the Orbit GT portfolio. Being specialised in government, public safety and mapping industry solutions, the release of Orbit GIS X will lower the threshold for many GIS users to come.   "We are very excited to announce this release. Orbit GIS X will show GIS users around the world that GIS can be easy to use, yet powerful at the same time", says Peter Bonne, VP Business Development and senior product manager at Orbit GT. "Orbit GIS X offers an... (read more)
2011-08-04 10:42:21

GIS Software Download Finder

From now on, GIM International is your guide for GIS software. On this website, you find a guide to GIS software that is available to download for free. You find it in the link 'Downloads' in the left hand navigation bar of the website. Mostly, the software is leading to free viewers, trial versions or open-source software. Have a look at the guide yourself and see what software is available.   As software is developing fast and we - however we tried hard to find the right applications - realise we did not yet include all software available. Please submit... (read more)
2009-06-24 04:05:49

Next Generation GIS Portal

The US Department of the Interior has selected ESRI (CA, USA) to develop full implementation of the Geospatial One-Stop Operational Portal (GOS 2), providing new ways of sharing geospatial information to improve decision-making processes. Since its launch in July 2003 the prototype has provided a central site for posting and discovering metadata about agency resources. The experience ESRI gained through administering GOS 1 has directly led to improvements in usability and functionality. The GOS site compiles more than 75,000 metadata records. GOS 2 uses the proven Google Search Appliance for a new method of integrated spatial and subject searching. Metadata... (read more)
2005-03-17 12:00:00

Thinking About GIS

Esri Press has released the fourth edition of Thinking About GIS: Geographic Information System Planning for Managers, the seminal book on planning and implementing a geographic information system (GIS). Roger Tomlinson, widely known as "the father of GIS," has updated this edition to include the latest trends in geospatial technology.   Drawing from decades of Tomlinson's consulting experience and worldwide GIS seminars, this book bridges the communication gap between senior managers who oversee information technology systems and technical specialists who design and implement the systems. It provides common ground for both groups so that each clearly understands the methodology needed... (read more)
2011-03-28 02:12:11

SuperMap Appoints Japak GIS

Japak GIS Limited in Kenya is appointed as the authorized exclusive distributor of SuperMap GIS products for Kenya and Ethiopia, and the non-exclusive distributor for Uganda and Tanzania. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, JapakGIS is a GIS software development and services company that provides platform software, customised software and solutions to all market segments.   JapakGIS has been involved in various GIS projects in the Government, NGO, community development projects and environmental organisations. The company has qualified staff in sales support, projects management and application development. Its mission is to help customers get the most from their investment in GIS. JapakGIS's... (read more)
2011-08-25 01:40:44

Medical Mobile GIS Tracking

Every healthcare provider, in order to make decisions, needs specific information from external sources made available to them more than fifty times a day. The challenge is obvious: better methods have to be found to get ‘the right information to the right person at the right time.’ Developments in integrating (geospatial) information technologies, including GPS, remote sensors, wireless networks, smart cameras and internet-linked communication systems, make it possible to achieve this aim. In the wake of these developments there is growing interest on both the medical and geomatics side in decision support using advanced (geospatial) technologies. The development of wireless... (read more)
2007-12-08 12:00:00

Daratech GIS Forecast

Daratech Inc (MA, USA) forecasts that total GIS core-business revenue will top $2.02 billion in 2004, an increase of 9.7% over 2003. According to Daratech estimates, 2003 revenues reached US$ 1.84 billion, up 5.1% compared to the preceding year. Core-business revenue includes software, services, hardware and data products. In 2003 software accounted for the lion's share of the revenue, approximately two-thirds (64%) or US$ 1.175 billion. ESRI and Intergraph led the market, accounting for nearly half of the industry's total software revenues. Other software leaders included Autodesk, the IBM GIS Business Unit, GE Energy, Leica Geosystems and MapInfo. Services were... (read more)
2005-03-16 12:00:00


Eagle Technology Group, ESRIs distributor in New Zealand, has won the contract to implement a Web-based GIS visualisation solution using ESRI's ArcIMS Server for ONTRACK, the New Zealand government agency responsible for ownership and management of the national rail network. The GIS will enable trains to be tracked by satellite and the information fed back to ONTRACK’s train controllers. This will provide the controllers with a geographic view of their network. Additionally, it will afford them a much greater degree of positional accuracy and enable them to make better decisions in routing, emergency response, tracking, and other related applications. (read more)
2006-04-20 12:00:00
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