OEM GNSS Receiver Board

Topcon Europe Positioning, The Netherlands, has announced a light, ultra-compact dual-frequency positioning engine, the B110 GNSS receiver board for OEM applications. The B110 is the first GNSS board with Topcon’s Vanguard ASIC, supporting 226 universal channels for GPS, GLONASS and Galileo tracking and scalable positioning from sub-metre DGPS to sub-centimetre RTK. The B110 board’s small size, low power consumption and flexible communication interfaces facilitate integration into any precise positioning application, reducing the time-to-market. It has a 40 x 5mm footprint, a position update rate of 100Hz and includes SD/MMC card interfaces for quick and easy support for data logging. The... (read more)
2012-09-24 09:31:26

Multi-GNSS Technology Collaboration

Spirent Communications plc and the GNSS Research and Applications Centre of Excellence (GRACE), have expanded their relationship to further advance the facility\'s satellite navigation signal test and simulation capabilities. This collaboration provides GRACE users access to a world-class Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) research laboratory and associated training services, a GNSS applications development environment and GNSS simulation, test-bed and testing facilities.     GRACE will use the advanced Spirent GSS8000 multi-GNSS hardware simulation system to simulate current and future GPS signals at L1, L2 and L5 frequencies, Galileo E1, E5 and E6 signals, and WAAS and EGNOS Space Based Augmentation... (read more)
2009-05-11 01:23:49

Four times GNSS

A Worldwide Race
The Munich Satellite Navigation Summit opened during the first week in March 2009 with a plenary session entitled ‘The Worldwide Race in GNSS’ and closed with a panel discussion on the subject of ‘competition among the Big Four’. Although several speakers did their best to convince attendees that there was no race or competition, it is obvious that four systems serving the same market will be involved in a race for the best technical solutions and engage in fierce competition. If it is indeed a race/competition, let us have a look at the score so far. GPS Since 1978 this... (read more)
2009-06-30 12:00:00

Integrating GNSS and INS

GNSS provides accurate positional information with relatively low integrity, while INS offers position and attitude information subject to drift but with relatively high integrity. Integrating the two provides reliable and accurate information on position and attitude of vehicles on land, at sea, in the air and in space. Integrated GNSS/INS: I know what it is, I know what it does, but how does it work? All sensor data such as aerial imagery acquired from an airborne platform needs to be geo-referenced to be of further use. In treating the subject of exterior orientation we here focus on aerial digital cameras,... (read more)
2008-03-06 12:00:00

ProFlex 500 GNSS Receiver

Magellan Professional has launched the ProFlex 500 dual-frequency GNSS Receiver. The ProFlex 500 delivers RTK features in a rugged, highly integrated receiver design. The device is designed for multiple applications: surveying using a backpack, marine positioning, machine control, and base stations. Adaptable to a wide variety of applications requiring precise positioning, the ProFlex 500 is the ideal solution for people looking for a single GNSS receiver for multiple applications.   The heart of the ProFlex 500 is, a 75-channel GNSS board that tracks dual-frequency GPS and GLONASS signals as well as SBAS ranging signals, all of which are optimally processed... (read more)
2009-02-16 09:09:32

GNSS for Sea Trials

Measuring Ship Controllability
The effective seakeeping performance of any watercraft is vital for safe navigation. Due to the long maritime tradition in Greece, the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) has been a key player in developing tools and practices for conducting sea trials in open water. Since the introduction of the Mini-Ranger many years ago through to the recent introduction of the modern GNSS sensors, a number of new-built and commissioned surface ships of various sizes have been tested either in the interests of the shipbuilder or the owner. Currently, new navigation tools and techniques are being set in place to fulfil... (read more)
2013-02-25 02:32:53

Javad GNSS Scored Highest

Javad GNSS (teamed with TOA, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems and GNSS Technologies) received the highest technical and system score in the selection process by the Geographical Survey Institute (GSI), an affiliate of the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.     The tender, however, was awarded to another company due to its substantially lower prices.     (read more)
2009-08-24 04:05:00

Loka GNSS Receiver

UniStrong, China, has released the Loka high-accuracy handheld GNSS receiver for high-end mobile GIS solutions and surveying systems. It includes GPS and GPS/GLONASS, with the option of several accuracy levels, thus meeting the requirements of a variety of users. Its integrated Windows Mobile operating system supports all manner of application software for different functions. The device includes GPRS/GSM, 5M auto focus camera, high-capacity Li-ion battery, support of Micro SD card, and includes a call function. The Loka series includes a high-performance GPS module, working with SBAS and CORS systems, able to provide real-time sub-metre positioning accuracy. An external antenna maintains a reliable... (read more)
2012-08-15 11:13:50

Integrated GNSS System

Stonex Integrated GNSS System (SIGS) is the new, integrated system able to combine GNSS receivers and proprietary software and is entirely produced by STONEX Europe. The system includes the new GPS/GNSS S9 III receiver and CUBE, the new survey software. STONEX Europe (Italy) has expanded its GPS/GNSS receiver product range with some functional innovations that improve the use for survey professionals. S9 III completes STONEX's offer with a flexible product for surveying applications thanks to its advanced characteristics. S9 III combines a compact and light mechanic with an embedded 220 channel GNSS board accurate and quick in satellite fixing, a UHF... (read more)
2012-04-24 09:24:40

GNSS: Evolution or Revolution

Four Questions on the Status of GNSS
The market for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) has never looked so buoyant. Are we in the midst of a revolution or simply witnessing evolution pre-planned and destined to run its course? Two fictional respondents, the revolutionist and the evolutionist, here answer four pertinent questions.<P> GNSS applications are becoming mainstream and available in a growing number of devices. And improvements in the signals via new satellite systems and new technology such as secure user plane (SUPL) for wireless devices will improve reliability and functionality. Everyone would agree that there is a lot going on in GNSS. This is manifested in... (read more)
2008-02-19 12:00:00
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