GPS L-Band Threatened

The L-band, in which the GPS/GNSS L-1 signal also resides, might soon be overcrowded in several US densely populated areas. LightSquared (a Mobile-satellite service operater (MSS) and Ancillary Terrestrial Component (ATC) license holder) is seeking a reallocation of its L-band from a space service to primarily a terrestrial wireless service. Lightsquared would like to provide primarily voice and data broadband services on the L-band frequencies they currently hold a license for. This change in usage of the bandwidth together with a densely populated powerful (1500 W) transmitter network could mean that the GPS/GNSS L-1 signals are negatively influenced. This could... (read more)
2011-01-19 12:00:00

Terrestrial GPS Augmentation Network

Mining fleet management specialists Leica Geosystems have launched their GPS Augmentation Network, incorporating technology developed by Locata Corporation. The terrestrial network ensures 24/7 positioning coverage in adverse GPS situations. Open-cut mines can present challenges for satellite based positioning as the pit becomes deeper, and on sites where the walls are steep. The positioning signals transmitted from satellites can become obstructed by the pit walls, reducing GPS availability and accuracy. The angle of ‘sky view' is further reduced where machinery is in close proximity to the pit walls. Leica's GPS augmentation network fills holes in coverage and ensures consistent and accurate... (read more)
2011-01-12 11:20:10

GPS-based Road Pricing

Copenhagen Demonstrates Visibility Bottleneck
Copenhagen in Denmark has conducted an experiment in alternative driving and congestion charging using car tracking based on GPS. A main limitation of GPS is that quality depends on satellite visibility, which is best when building height and density are low. Road pricing is an area in which this limitation shows. Although GPS quality alone is insufficient, GPS car tracking may become feasible when integrating (future) Global Navigation Satellite Systems and augmentation systems. A fair pricing system charges the most when a car drives through the busiest parts of an urban area and least when driving outside such areas. A... (read more)
2007-01-19 12:00:00


The SXBlue III GNSS is a palm-sized GNSS RTK receiver that uses both GPS and GLONASS for real-time, centimetre accuracy. Via Bluetooth, it brings centimetre accuracy to any Bluetooth-compliant smartphone, handheld, tablet or notebook computer. The SXBlue III GNSS uses new, patented technology that allows it to generate corrections for both GPS and GLONASS satellite data even if the user’s reference station (or RTK Network) only supports GPS. This features opens up productivity benefits of GLONASS to all high-precision users around the world, and not just ones who have access to GLONASS-enabled reference stations. For example, a 20 year-old GPS-only... (read more)
2012-08-24 10:56:29

GPS-Enabled Nikon Camera

GeoSpatial Experts has been selected by Nikon USA to sell the new GPS-enabled COOLPIX P6000 digital camera. GeoSpatial Experts is offering the Nikon camera bundled with its GPS-Photo Link Express software.   The Nikon COOLPIX P6000 bundle is charcterised by the factthat both the camera and GPS-Photo Link software are simple enough to use by a wide audience, but they each offer capabilities that will meet the  needs of business users and mapping professionals, according to Rick Bobbitt, President of GeoSpatial Experts. The Nikon COOLPIX P6000 is the most advanced point-and-shoot camera sold by Nikon USA and the only digital... (read more)
2009-04-10 09:13:51

DeLorme Extends GPS Capabilities

ESRI users will now be able to view their ArcGIS Desktop projects on the DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 GPS receiver. With the Earthmate PN-40 Extension for ESRI software from DeLorme, mobile professionals can convert collected waypoints and tracks with associated comments for import into ArcGIS Desktop as shapefiles. Users can also transfer views of their projects for use in the field, display MrSID and GeoTIFF imagery files, and navigate rural terrain across DeLorme trail and road data.     This latest DeLorme solution for mobile professionals includes DeLorme USA topographic map data and supports MrSID and GeoTIFF aerial imagery files for... (read more)
2009-06-23 10:38:12

Precision GPS Products

Hemisphere GPS
From entrepreneurs to incorporation to becoming publicly traded and now ISO certified, Hemisphere GPS has evolved into a major player in the design and manufacture of precision GPS products. With corporate headquarters in Calgary, Canada, this relatively young company also has product development, sales and marketing facilities in Arizona, Kansas, Texas, and Australia. The company was born in 1990, when Canadian Systems Inc co-founders joined together to pursue their dream of manufacturing precision GPS instruments. Shortly afterwards the organisation changed its name to Communications System International Inc (CSI) and released its first product the MBX-1TM, a Differential GPS Circuit Board.... (read more)
2009-04-02 12:00:00

High Accuracy GPS Data

Blue Marble Geographics, USA, has presented during the 2011 Maine Municipal Technology Conference. Samuel Knight of Blue Marble presented a talk on High Accuracy GPS - Pitfalls of Post-Processing at the 3rd March conference held in Bangor, Maine. The conference was well-attended by municipality representatives from around the state and highlighted the dramatic technological changes currently underway while trying to predict the impact on government services. Knight, the director of Product Management for Blue Marble, focused on avoiding the variety of pit falls that a novice user can run into, which may significantly degrade of the quality of the GPS... (read more)
2011-03-07 11:06:42

Hemisphere GPS Outback BaseLineHD

In response to farmers growing demand for increased accuracy at a more affordable price, Hemisphere GPS (KS, USA) has developed another option to subscription networks and high-priced base systems. Using high-definition, single-frequency RTK, Outback BaseLineHD provides the same accuracy as dual-frequency RTK but at a fraction of the cost. Used in combination with Outback S2 and Outback eDrive, BaseLineHD provides one inch pass-to-pass accuracy in an affordable hands-free GPS steering system. Outback BaseLineHD includes an integrated base station and a single rover unit. Multiple vehicles can be equipped with additional rover units all operating from a single base system. In... (read more)
2007-02-14 11:57:32

Trimble GPS Pathfinder ProXRT

Trimble (CA, USA) has introduced the GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver, a flexible GNSS receiver for GIS data collection and mapping. The receiver combines a high- performance GPS receiver with Trimble H-Star technology, OmniSTAR correction capability, and optional GLONASS capability to provide various levels of positioning accuracies, from submetre to decimetre (10cm) accuracy. The ProXRT receiver is ideal for high-accuracy mapping, data collection, and asset management applications in industries such as water/wastewater, utilities, telecommunications, transportation as well as many others. In recent years, these industries have experienced the need for subfoot and decimeter level performance.   With Trimble's patented H-Star technology,... (read more)
2008-03-04 10:37:27
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