Geneq GPS Mapping Receiver

Geneq, Inc. (Canada) has introduced the SXBlue II, a submeter Bluetooth wireless GPS mapping receiver that allows you to use off-the-shelf Bluetooth-enabled PDA/notebook computers to collect GPS map data. As the second generation in Geneq's SX Blue line, the SX Blue II offers improved tracking/accuracy under tree canopy, improved accuracy in open sky conditions, integrated battery pack, battery pack "gas gauge", 200 metre long-range Bluetooth, USB port and improved form factor.   There is no need for post-processing or other sources of differential corrections as the SX Blue II uses WAAS (North America), EGNOS (Europe), MSAS (Japan) or GAGAN (India)... (read more)
2007-08-09 01:40:12

GPS Learning CD

SuperGeo Technologies has released the GPS Learning CD, its brand-new teaching material for Global Positioning System (GPS) operation, is now released worldwide. GPS Learning CD is mainly aimed at GPS beginners. The CD contains abundant and complete GIS knowledge, including the history of GPS, operation principle, signal format, methods to position and measure, etc. In the past, GPS concepts have been difficult to be demonstrated in traditional media. However, with Flash animation, GPS concepts now can be presented dynamically in animation. Accordingly, beginners can effectively acquire the basic knowledge of GPS through the organised and vivid learning environment.With the comprehensive... (read more)
2011-02-22 09:54:45

GPS-Photo Link 5.0 with New GPS Cameras

GeoSpatial Experts has introduced GPS-Photo Link version 5.0 and bundled it with the latest GPS-enabled cameras from Sony, Ricoh, and Nikon. This newest version of GPS-Photo Link software offers loads of new functionality for photographers who want to map where their geotagged photos were taken, either for business or for fun. The functionality now also is available withing Esri ArcGIS environment. The GPS-Photo Link software is offered in two editions. GPS-Photo Link Express is designed for avid photographers and business users who place photos on a web-based map or generate web pages and PDF reports from their photo archives. GPS-Photo... (read more)
2010-10-06 09:53:33

New Trimble Modular GPS Receivers and Smart GPS Antennas

A new series of Modular GPS Receivers and additions to the Trimble family of Smart GPS Antenna are released by Trimble (CA, USA). The new product offering provides four levels of GPS operation--Location GPS, Basic, Max and Extreme. The Extreme level receivers (Trimble SPS850 and SPS880 receivers) can track next-generation GPS L2C and L5 signals plus GLONASS. A new version of the Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software is being released at the same time to support the new receivers and the recent developments in GPS positioning technology. The Trimble SPS550 and SPS550H Modular Receivers are new Location GPS receivers, designed... (read more)
2006-02-24 12:00:00

GPS-Photo Link 5.0 with New GPS Cameras

Mapping the locations of photos just got a lot easier. GeoSpatial Experts, developers of the first photo-mapping software, has introduced GPS-Photo Link version 5.0 and bundled it with the latest GPS-enabled cameras from Sony, Ricoh, and Nikon. "This newest version of GPS-Photo Link software offers loads of new functionality for photographers who want to map where their geotagged photos were taken, either for business or for fun," said GeoSpatial Experts President Rick Bobbitt.   Introduced in 2001, GPS-Photo Link has become the industry standard software for mapping photographs. Applications of photo-mapping software span the full spectrum of business users whose... (read more)
2010-10-12 12:05:49

GPS Industry Supports Enhancement of GPS Constellation for Civilian Use

In a letter to general William L. Shelton, commander of the U.S. Air Force Space Command, the GPS Innovation Alliance expressed support for planned enhancements to the GPS constellation. Specifically, the Alliance supports activating the Civilian Navigation (CNAV) message on two additional GPS signals to ensure a more robust GPS system and infrastructure. Calling GPS “one of our most critical and valuable national assets,” the Alliance explained that the planned development will serve the public interest by increasing accuracy and reliability of civilian GPS applications by providing more receivers with dual frequencies. “We believe that GPS users will experience benefits... (read more)
2013-04-10 11:17:52

uPatch OEM GPS Receiver Powers Tritech GPS Mouse

Tritech Ltd. (Israel), a distributor of electronic components, has chosen to include the Fastrax uPatch receiver module in the new Tritech GPS Mouse product. The Tritech GPS Mouse is a compact, standalone GPS unit suited for PC, automotive and industrial applications requiring a cost-effective, external NMEA-only receiver. The unit features a rugged, small-footprint ABS plastic housing; USB, CMOS or RS232 serial connectors; and connectivity to a battery backup for low-power modes (optional). The Tritech GPS Mouse is based on the Fastrax uPatch102 receiver family, which uses the Sony CXD2951-GL4 single chip with an integrated high-performance patch antenna and provides added... (read more)
2006-09-27 12:00:00

Hemisphere GPS Introduces Crescent VS100 Series GPS Compass

Hemisphere GPS (Canada) has introduced the new Crescent VS100 and VS110, a heading and positioning solution for machine control and marine navigation applications including dredging and hydrographic surveying. Hemisphere GPS's Crescent VS100 Series GPS Compass delivers the performance necessary to replace traditional gyrocompasses and other precision heading sensors at a fraction of the cost. Hemisphere GPS' Crescent Receiver Technology supports two separate antenna inputs. Crescent VS100 computes and outputs heading and either pitch or roll angles by processing the data between the two antennas using a single GPS receiver. The receiver features status lights with a menu and display system... (read more)
2007-04-20 12:31:09

Z-Max.Net GPS Tests TERIA

Magellan Z-Max.Net has has been qualified for the new French GPS Reference Network Teria. Originally planned by the Ordre des Géomètres-Experts (French Surveyors Union) to facilitate the work of its members, the TERIA network is an RTK network, based on the use of Magellan reference stations, that will allow users to position themselves in real time with great accuracy, throughout Metropolitan France using the positioning reference of the established network. EXAGONE, the network administrator, will make available an accurate and instant positioning tool for all georeferencing applications.   The tests performed in August this year were the first in the... (read more)
2006-12-28 09:59:38

SiRFstarIII Based OEM GPS Receivers

Fastrax Ltd. (Finland) announced the iTrax300, the latest addition to the company's range of OEM GPS receivers. The iTrax300 is based on the SiRFstarIII GSC3 and GSC3-LP chipsets. iTrax300 receivers are suited for both industrial navigation systems and battery operated consumer products such as handheld computers, vehicle navigation devices, sports accessories and mobile phones. iTrax300 key features: iTrax Multiplatform compatible; SiRFstarIII chipsets (GSC3 and GSC3-LP); Tiny form factor - 16.2 x 18.8 x 2.3 mm; Low power consumption: 170mW @ 3.0V (GSC3); Sensitivity of -157 dBm (Tracking); NMEA & SiRF binary protocols; Two serial ports; 1PPS output; GPIO available for... (read more)
2006-06-07 12:00:00
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