Hexagon Unveils Luciad 2020

Hexagon’s Geospatial division has launched Luciad 2020, a significant update to its platform for building advanced location intelligence and real-time, situational awareness applications. Luciad 2020 delivers faster and more powerful 3D visualization and analysis capabilities. It also extends the portfolio with LuciadCPillar, an API for C++ and C# developers to incorporate advanced geospatial visualization and analysis into their applications.    Hexagon’s Luciad portfolio allows developers to create powerful, high-performance applications that leverage data from any source for visualization and analysis in 2D and 3D. Combining static, dynamic and real-time data, including moving tracks, Luciad-powered applications support defence, aviation, infrastructure and... (read more)
2020-03-17 11:22:06

Hexagon 2011 International Conference

Leica Geosystems\' High-Definition Surveying (HDS) Worldwide User Conference will participate in a new format, offering attendees an broader variety of sessions, hands-on training, networking and new business opportunities. Also the Hexagon Airborne Sensor business is inviting the customers of Leica Geosystems and Z/I Imaging to join the \"Hexagon 2011\" Conference. According to Juergen Dold, CEO of Leica Geosystems, "the HDS and Geospatial Solutions user conferences are well known amongst our customers. Now, also our partners in the surveying, mapping, and positioning technologies business can expect an exciting program under the Hexagon roof called "Trends in Mapping & Positioning for Government... (read more)
2011-02-14 09:57:10

Hexagon Strengthens Distribution

Hexagon, the parent company of Leica Geosystems, has entered into an agreement to acquire the Spatial Systems division of the American company Loyola Enterprises. The company's Spatial Systems division, headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, is a distributor and service provider for surveying equipment in the states of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. The division also operates its own GPS reference station network RTK-Net, providing high-precision differential correction services to a wide range of users and applications.     "The company is an important element in Hexagon's global growth strategy in the core surveying and construction markets. With this acquisition... (read more)
2009-10-07 05:20:06

Hexagon Acquires NovAtel

NovAtel Inc. (Canada) and Hexagon AB (Sweden) have entered into a definitive agreement under which Hexagon has agreed to acquire all the outstanding shares of NovAtel for US$50 per share: the approximate total value is US$390 million. NovAtel has a long standing partnership with Hexagon's subsidiary, Leica Geosystems, focused on the development of high-precision GNSS technologies. NovAtel has been a core supplier of these technologies to Leica Geosystems since 2002.   The combination of Hexagon and NovAtel will add new applications to the Hexagon product portfolio and give Hexagon access to technologies applicable to new high growth markets.   "The... (read more)
2007-10-09 10:07:51

Hexagon Acquires Intergraph

Hexagon has entered into an agreement to acquire US-based software provider Intergraph Corporation. The transaction, at a value of USD2,125 million, is financed on cash basis. The acquisition will strengthen Hexagon's position in the measurement technology market and synergies within the Hexagon group are expected. Founded in 1969, Intergraph is a leading global provider of enterprise engineering (CAD) and geospatial intelligence software (GIS) that enables customers to visualise and manage complex data. The company is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, and employs approximately 4,000 people in 34 countries.Businesses, governments and security organisations in more than 60 countries rely on Intergraph's... (read more)
2010-07-07 09:03:11

Hexagon Expands European distribution

Hexagon has acquired all outstanding shares in four companies; R&A Rost Vertriebs GmbH, R&A Rost Produktions GmbH, both in Austria, Geopro Kft. in Hungary, and Junglas GmbH in Germany. The two Rost companies, headquartered in Vienna, are distributors and service providers for surveying and construction equipment in Austria. Geopro is a distributor for surveying and construction equipment in Hungary based in Budapest. Junglas is a German distributor for construction and machine control equipment located in Münster.   "Both Rost and Geopro are important elements in Hexagon's global growth strategy. We believe the economies in Central and Eastern Europe to continue... (read more)
2007-11-21 02:55:58

Hexagon Acquires SBG

Hexagon, the parent company of Leica Geosystems, has entered into an agreement to acquire all outstanding shares of the Swedish company Svensk ByggnadsGeodesi AB, SBG. SBG develops, manufactures and supplies complete multidimensional systems for measuring, planning and machine control for excavators, graders, dozers and paving machines. The systems combine software and hardware for surveying and construction industry. With a common software structure, the information can be shared between different parts of the system for use in the office or in the field. SBG had a turnover of 40 MSEK in 2006 and has in recent years shown an annual growth... (read more)
2007-01-15 10:03:01

Hexagon Expands into Russia

2013 starts with another takeover by Hexagon, as it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire all outstanding shares in Russia-based Navgeocom. The company is the largest distributor for Leica Geosystems, a Hexagon brand, in the Russian Federation. Founded in 1997, Navgeocom has grown into one of the top-tier distributors of surveying and mapping products in Russia. The acquisition marks another step in Hexagon's global distribution strategy, which aims to establish a strong direct presence in all key markets. Strategically, the acquisition of Navgeocom is a great fit for Hexagon and yet another step toward expanding the company's presence... (read more)
2013-01-23 09:08:19

Hexagon Acquires Thermopylae Sciences & Technology

Hexagon, a global leader in digital solutions, has signed an agreement to acquire Thermopylae Sciences and Technology, a software provider primarily focused on the US government and defence market that specializes in geospatial applications, mobile frameworks and cloud computing for enhanced location intelligence. Thermopylae has developed advanced visualization solutions to support tactical edge mapping in support of mission-critical operations. Built upon the Google technology stack, its defence and intelligence solutions are targeted at addressing the challenges involved in working with critical problem sets in secure or classified government environments. In addition, its portfolio is also applicable to a host of... (read more)
2019-02-28 09:39:05

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Acquires GISquadrat

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure has acquired GISquadrat GmbH of Vienna, Austria. The acquisition is aimed to enhance Hexagon’s geospatial, cloud and mobile solutions for governments and utility providers in Europe. A Hexagon partner prior to the acquisition, GISquadrat uses Hexagon software in a cloud environment to provide data capture and management services and applications, including task-specific field solutions for infrastructure networks and public services. GISquadrat’s Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions provide lower total cost of ownership for business-critical data. The company serves more than 300 customers and thousands of users. Maximillian Weber, senior vice president of EMEA, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure commented... (read more)
2016-09-27 11:46:54
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