Hi-Target Acquires Guangzhou O.CN Internet Technology

Hi-Target, China, has announced its intention to acquire equity in Guanghzou O.CN Internet Technology at a price of RMB83 million, giving Hi-Target a 58.68% share of O.CN. Hi-Target sees this as an opportunity to strengthen its activities in the areas of digital cities and LBS. Established on 1 December 2005, O.CN focuses mainly on network technology services, technological consulting and technological developments. As one of China’s two main 3D simulation map companies, O.CN has extensive experience of producing 2.5D and 3D map data, and has a particularly strong cost advantage in the production of 2.5D data. Having already completed the... (read more)
2013-02-06 03:34:46

Hi-Target Launches New GNSS RTK Receiver

Hi-Target, the Chinese manufacturer of high-precision geographic instruments, recently announced the release of the V90 Plus, the company’s next-generation GNSS RTK. The V90 Plus is equipped with the advanced Trimble BD970 OEM and delivers centimetre accuracy for a variety of applications. The full-wave RTK antenna based on air dielectric technology supports the whole constellation and makes it much lighter and more stable. Furthermore, thanks to the built-in Linux operating system and multiple pre-loaded smart applications such as tilt surveying, electronic bubble calibration, NFC and voice DIY, the V90 Plus GNSS system enables the surveyor work more conveniently. With the V90 Plus, Hi-Target aims to provide the surveyor with an industry-leading GNSS solution with improved accuracy and stability. Especially the self-developed antenna, based on air dielectric technology, is designed for multipath mitigation. It is not only lighter than traditional RTK antennas, but also effectively avoids the instability of ceramic dielectric antennas. Every detail of the V90 Plus is optimised to improve the performance.... (read more)
2015-06-15 11:18:25

Hi-Target Unveils New Survey Instruments to Distributors

From 20-21 March 2017, Hi-Target held its Asia-Pacific Distributor Conference in Wuhan, China. During the event the company launched its newest mapping system and intelligent surveying unmanned surface vehicle (USV), finally unveiling details of the products which had been the source of much anticipation since the conference was announced. The conference was attended by distributors from Asia-Pacific countries and regions, the Hi-Target team and Hi-Target subsidiaries. During the demonstration session, everyone could take a closer look at the company’s new products. Although this was the first time Hi-Target had presented its high-end products to overseas distributors, the stability, innovation and... (read more)
2017-04-03 03:31:24

Hi-Target Opens Maintenance Centre in Czech Republic

In order to provide customers and partners in Europe with better service and faster response, Hi-Target has recently set up a maintenance service centre in Jičín, Czech Republic. This move has greatly improved the company’s after-sales service in Europe and has made it easier for Hi-Target to acquire more information about the local market. The establishing of the Jičín Maintenance Centre in the Czech Republic is a vital move as part of Hi-Target’s business expansion in Europe. The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe, which puts the Jičín branch in a perfect position to cover the whole European market... (read more)
2016-06-30 04:45:04

Hi-Target Europe Product Launch Meeting Successfully Held in Czech Republic

After months of delicate preparation work , the Hi-Target Europe Product Launch Meeting was held on 11 July in its newly-built maintenance centre in Jičín, Czech Republic. Partners from different European countries were invited to participate in this great event. The number of clients present reached 18, which demonstrated the extensive attention and support received from the clients. Before the start of the meeting, a group photo of meeting participants was taken under the big tree beside the maintenance centre, which symbolises Hi-Target’s dream of rooting in Europe, exploiting the European market and becoming a strong and competitive supplier in... (read more)
2016-07-25 03:48:15

Hi-Target Wins Myanmar Ministry of Agriculture Tender for 100 Total Stations

Hi-Target, one of the largest public companies in China’s surveying industry, recently won the bid to supply 100 total stations in the tender announced by Settlement and Land Record Department at the Ministry of Agriculture in Myanmar. The total stations will help the Myanmar Ministry of Agriculture to collate data and value and manage land accurately and professionally. According to official information, this important global tender had attracted more than 30 competitors in the industry, including top-ranked brands from Europe, the USA, Japan and China. A representative officer from the Myanmar Ministry of Agriculture said that the excellent performance of... (read more)
2013-11-29 08:30:00

Looking Far beyond the Horizon: Interview with Hi-Target CEO Steven Xu

These are exciting times in the geomatics industry. Innovative solutions are being developed, integration is the main keyword and the big players are acquiring smaller companies that add a new dimension to their portfolio. Europe, Japan and North America are traditional strongholds of geomatics, but several very ambitious companies from China are doing their utmost to catch up with the frontrunners. At Intergeo 2015 in Stuttgart, Wim van Wegen took the opportunity to meet Steven Xu, CEO of Hi-Target, who was more than happy to share his thoughts and expectations with GIM International. Read the interview here. (By Wim van... (read more)
2016-01-26 09:40:07

Illuminated Survey Target

Omni Optical Products, Inc. (CA, USA) has introduced their new series of illuminated survey target, the Omni’s 4700 Series Illuminated Target. The target utilises the same backlight technology as in today’s notebook computers and is powered by lithium batteries. The target can be used as a standard target during the day, and can be illuminated for use in dark environments. Applications for use include; traffic accident and crime scene investigation, mining, tunnel and monitoring, in adverse weather and in dense forest or foliage. (read more)
2006-10-23 12:00:00

GIS to Better Target Aid

The Strauss Center's Climate Change and African Political Stability (CCAPS, TX, USA) programme has implemented Esri technology to view how climate change impacts vulnerable populations in Africa. CCAPS created the dynamic mapping tool in partnership with AidData for use by researchers, policy makers, journalists and citizens. Users can visualise any combination of CCAPS data on climate change, conflict and aid on a map to discover how different forces overlap or intersect. The tool is already being used in the country of Malawi for a solution that tracks and reports on the country's external funding. Aid information is mapped along with... (read more)
2012-03-28 03:19:40
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