EuroTitle: Land Registry Standard

Paving the Way to a Common Property Market
An increase in trans-border property transactions within the European Union poses a demand for easy access to information belonging to the national land administrations of Member States. A common European Land Market also requires a uniform system of land registration. The authors propose introduction of the EuroTitle, a standard for land registration complementary to existing national systems. The European Union’s four freedoms: free movement of persons, capital, services and goods, seem to provide a proper basis for increased trans-border property transactions and opening up of the mortgage markets within Europe. However, current trans-border transactions are few, whilst trans-national mortgage lending... (read more)
2005-12-29 12:00:00

Nisga'a Nation to Implement Land Registry System

International Land Systems (ILS has entered into a contract to develop a new cadastral and registry information system for the Nisga'a Nation in Canada's British Columbia province. The project will be administered by the Land Title Office of the Nisga'a Lisims Government. The project will implement an integrated title registry and cadastre system that seamlessly links all interests and charges for all real property with clearly identified and registered spatial information. Based on the modern version of the Torrens form of title registration system, the present Nisga'a registry system was developed as a result of the 1999 Nisga'a Final Agreement... (read more)
2010-12-21 09:28:23

Change at the top of Land Registry

Peter Collis, Chief Land Registrar and Chief Executive of the UK Land Registry, has announced that he will be stepping down after 10 years in the role.     Peter said: "It has been an enormous privilege to lead Land Registry for the last 10 years and I am immensely proud of all that has been achieved during that time. But, looking ahead, it is clear that, just as Land Registry is changing, so the role of Chief Executive will change. In my view, now is the time to make way for someone with different skills and experience to take... (read more)
2010-01-14 03:02:27

Leica Geosystems Wins Dutch Land Registry Contract

Leica Geosystems and Kadaster, the Dutch Land Registry, have signed an agreement for the supply of land surveying data collection equipment for the coming five years. For Leica Geosystems, this marks a continuation of the relationship that it has built up with Kadaster over the years. Following market consultations in May 2012, the Land Registry drew up the specifications for the European call for tender for land surveying data collection equipment. In November, Leica Geosystems heard that it had won the contract. Both parties signed the outline agreement on 21 December 2012. Under the outline agreement, Leica Geosystems will supply... (read more)
2013-01-21 02:52:30

Chairman for Cadastre And Land Registry Specialists

Julius Ernst from Austria's Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying is the new chair of EuroGeographics' Cadastre & Land Registry Knowledge Exchange Network (C&LR KEN). Mr Ernst succeeds Professor Bengt Kjelsson who has become director general of The Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registry Authority. The C&LR KEN is one of five knowledge exchange networks within the Association for National Cadastral, Land Registry and Mapping Authorities. Its members are working to provide services for the diverse range of users in property and land information markets. These include policy makers and those from the environmental, housing, transportation, agriculture and tourism sectors.... (read more)
2012-01-03 01:43:57

RMSI Awarded Irish Land Registry Contract

RMSI (CA, USA), a company in the geospatial information and software services industry, and its consortium partners have won a major data capture mapping contract, with Land Registry in Ireland. The consortium, which also includes Landmark Solutions (UK) and Proteus Solutions Ltd (Ireland), will partner to convert, store and manipulate the Registry’s 32,000 map sheets, which contain an estimated 2.4 million land parcels. The database of maps will link to the corresponding Land Registry folio. The new five-year contract commenced in June 2005, and will involve converting existing paper map records for over 1.6 million properties into an electronic format... (read more)
2005-09-02 12:00:00

Dutch Land Registry Office Offers E-services

During a meeting in the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) in The Hague on 25th October, Minister Dekker of the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM) gave the official green light for the newest form of electronic services in the Dutch Land Registry Office in the public land registers. This makes the Land Registry Office the first in the world to fully digitalise delivery and registry with the use of ICT applications. With this new development, the Dutch Land Registry Office wants to crystallise the information society and thus contribute toward the further digitalisation of government services. For... (read more)
2005-11-01 12:00:00

Leica to Supply Land Registry in The Netherlands

Leica Geosystems (The Netherlands) has won the European tender for the Land Registry in The Netherlands. As a result, an agreement has been concluded with the Land Registry for the supply of TCRP1203 Total Stations with associated accessories, maintenance and support contracts. On 15 March 2005, Mrs. Th.A.J. Burmanje, chairman of the Board of the Land Registry, and Mr. R.E. Worms, managing director Leica Geosystems BV, signed the contract officially awarding Leica Geosystems the order to supply high-end Total Stations. The agreement has a duration of 3 years. The invitation to tender issued in October 2004 resulted, after publication of... (read more)
2005-04-08 12:00:00

Mining Title Cadastre and Registry for Mongolia

GAF (Germany) has been awarded a contract to design and establish the new automated and countrywide Mining Registry and Cadastre System for Mongolia. After the successful completion of contract negotiations GAF will start work on-site in November 2008. The project under the Governance Assistance Program (GAP) aims to improve governance in the mining sector, through the establishment of a transparent system to grant, manage and cancel permits. The efficient and reliable management of mining titles is considered as a backbone to increase investment and growth in the mining sector of Mongolia. The Project's objective is to strengthen the property rights... (read more)
2008-11-18 09:27:56
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