This issue of GIM is largely devoted to emergent Lidar technology. We have a feature on 3D-visualisation of Lidar data co-authored by new contributing editor Dr Bharat Lohani of IIT Kanpur India, and no fewer than two product surveys, one on Airborne Lidar Systems, the other on Lidar software. Two regular features, Technology in Focus and Company’s View, this month address processing the product of Lidar survey, point-clouds. Lidar is without doubt a most successful data-acquisition technique. As an acronym of Light Detection and Ranging - some prefer to read Lidar as Laser Imaging Detection And Ranging - the term... (read more)
2007-01-19 12:00:00
2017-01-05 08:56:47

LiDAR Compressor

LizardTech has released the LizardTech LiDAR Compressor. This product enables users to turn giant point cloud data into efficient MrSID files that retain 100% of the raw data at just 25% of the file size.     Unlike raw LAS or ASCII data, LiDAR files compressed to MrSID are easily managed resources from which derivatives can be extracted over and over again. One of the key features of LiDAR Compressor is its ability to reduce LiDAR file sizes by 75% while retaining all of the points and all of the point precision and accuracy of the original file. If users... (read more)
2009-07-14 09:49:29

Lidar Map of Nigeria

The Enugu State has awarded a contract to a South African company to conduct aerial surveys of the state which is situated in the Eastern part of Nigeria. The creation of an accurate Geographical Information System or GIS is crucial to many government programs. The purpose of the survey is to provide the local municipality with accurate maps and surveys to be used for planning, development and infrastructure maintenance.     Southern Mapping Company will be partnering with The Digital Map Company (DMCo) in Nigeria and share their knowledge, resources and expertise. SMC will be delivering a set of digital... (read more)
2009-07-06 10:34:59

Finnish National Lidar Survey

Blom has been awarded a contract to provide Lidar data for the National Land Survey of Finland (NLSF). The total contract value is approximately NOK34 million over a period of four years. The contract is expected to be signed in January 2010, with start-up of the project at the beginning of second quarter of 2010. NLSF is responsible for production and maintenance of geographic- and real estate information in Finland. The purpose of the project is to create a new and accurate national height model covering an area of app. 120 000 dataset will also provide valuable information for... (read more)
2009-12-18 03:04:04
2018-11-15 03:22:40

First ALS LIDAR Project

Airborne Laser Solutions (South Africa) has undertaken the first aerial lidar survey project in its new Rockwell Aero Commander 1000 aircraft. This survey is required for the route selection and design of a 220km-power line linking Tete in Mozambique and Blantyre in Malawi. The company’s prime equipment currently consists of an Optech 3033 ALTM LiDAR system combined with a Hasselblad camera and Phase One digital back. With this equipment in the Aero Commander ALS is able to generate terrain models at 50cm to 10cm vertical accuracy, and colour digital orthophotos at pixel ground resolution ranging from 50cm to 10cm. The... (read more)
2005-03-17 12:00:00

The Evolution of Lidar

Single Photon Lidar Brings Higher Pulse Rates for Airborne Lidar
Current airborne Lidar systems, such as the Leica ALS series, capture one million points per second. Increasing the pulse repetition rate is the best way to achieve dense point clouds at lower costs, as the flying speed can be increased. However, the pulse frequency is constrained by parameters such as energy consumption and eye safety. Single photon Lidar enables a much higher pulse rate to be achieved, since much less energy is needed per pulse. Lidar systems are typically constructed from a number of components: a range-finding system, scanning optics to direct the laser pulses, and a position and orientation... (read more)
2017-02-14 04:25:33

Lidar Technology in India

Dominant Trend at MapWorld Forum 2007
Lidar technology emerged as the dominant trend at Map World Forum 2007, attracting keen interest among stakeholders. While Lidar and aerial photo capture may be enjoying a large and increasing international market, in India no company has been forthcoming with investment for fear of burning its fingers; government policy on aerial data collection has been unclear. However, it seems all lights are now turning green for a private sector eager to conduct aerial survey here. Lidar was allotted a full afternoon at MapWorld Forum 2007, while all major Lidar-sensor manufacturers exhibited products and several Lidar-service companies participated. There were no... (read more)
2007-04-17 12:00:00

International Lidar Projects

LiDAR Services International (LSI, Canada) has announced the start up of two international Lidar projects one in Costa Rica and the other in the Dominican Republic. The project in Costa Rica is a large (+750 km) transmission line full thermal rating project for I.C.E. the government electrical utility company. LSI mobilised the HELIX-1 LiDAR system to San José Costa Rica for installation on a Bell helicopter operated by Air Costa Rica. Besides collecting Lidar data, high resolution downward digital imagery, forward video, and real time meteorological data will also be collected to support the range of deliverables required by the... (read more)
2008-01-16 10:27:01
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