Maptek Vulcan 64-bit Mining Software

Mining technology provider Maptek is releasing Vulcan 64-bit to global mining customers during April. The launch kicked off at Expomin in Santiago, Chile this week. Vulcan 64-bit combines the advantages of a 3D modelling environment with the power of modern 64-bit technology to make it possible to work with large datasets. The 64-bit support covers the entire software offering, allowing all Vulcan users access to the platform. Eric Gonzalez, Vulcan product manager, said that the release was supported by user experiences reported from the global 64-bit beta testing programme which ran in the lead-up to the release. Both 32-bit and... (read more)
2012-04-10 09:42:02

New and Enhanced Maptek Vulcan 8.1

Mining technology developer Maptek has released Vulcan 8.1, providing new engineering functionality for underground slope studies, scheduling tools for open-pit operations, and a host of enhancements to existing features. The release includes new bundles: complete packages with standalone feature sets aimed at particular applications, as well as new modules to plug into existing Vulcan licences. Performance improvements, interface redesign and other enhancements complete the release.     The scheduling bundles are aimed at open cut operations and can be purchased with or without Optimisation. The Short Term Planner enables users to create open pit short term mine plans with minimum... (read more)
2011-07-15 10:11:54

Maptek Demonstrates Resource Modelling Technology at PDAC

With the investment stream opening up, visitors to this year’s PDAC in Toronto, Canada, will be keen to explore resource estimation and project evaluation tools that can add value to mining projects. Maptek adds value to the entire mine cycle, from exploration through modelling, mine design, optimisation, production and rehabilitation. Maptek capabilities for handling large datasets are developed to make targeting easier. Evaluating multiple prospects on the desktop helps ensure money is not wasted pursuing an uneconomic project. The data remain available and processes are fully auditable and can be revisited when conditions change. Maptek’s latest Eureka 3 allows multi-source,... (read more)
2017-03-06 10:06:54

Innovation is Key at Maptek Users Conference

During the 2012 Maptek North American Users Conference in Denver, USA, Colonel Mike Mullane explained how each individual has a unique perspective to contribute to the overall safety of their work environment. Mullane, a retired astronaut, recounted his own near-death experience in a fighter jet, which arose when he failed to speak up about an unsafe situation. When safety is at risk, everybody counts, regardless of their position or length of service. Only when everyone’s input is available for analysis can a team be truly safe, said Mullane. Under the banner of 'Welcoming Innovation', Maptek customers and staff shared their... (read more)
2012-10-27 08:30:00

Maptek Launches Online Users Area in 2013

Maptek, a global mining company headquartered in Australia, is launching a new customer portal to better serve more than 6,500 Vulcan users in January 2013. The online tool allows customers to track and manage their support cases, search a knowledge base of FAQs, solutions and ‘how-to’ videos, and learn from tips and tricks. A users forum will offer a channel for commenting on and sharing information with global peers. In addition to personal support cases, customers have access to a repository of more than 400 solution articles. Vulcan downloads will also be accessible via the portal. Stewart Maurer, Maptek director... (read more)
2012-12-10 09:43:10

Maptek on the Move in India

Mining software developer Maptek has established an office in New Delhi to service the Indian market. Indian staff have undertaken intensive training in Australia to become familiar with Maptek products and service delivery standards. This new office, inaugurated during the company’s 30th anniversary year, builds on a global network in Australasia, North and South America, Africa and Europe.   India has a wealth of natural resources for internal consumption and export,with significant areas yet to be fully explored. The current challenge for themining industry is to assess their potential to meet the demand for growth. According to Maptek general manager,... (read more)
2011-05-03 09:06:40

Localised Maptek Mining Software for Russian Market

Maptek will share the Russian version of its Vulcan mine planning software package with attendees at this month’s Mining World Russia in Moscow. The Russian version of Vulcan will contain a localised interface and is expected to be released for customers by the end of the year. Maptek will provide dedicated Russian-language product support. Russia is one of the world's fastest growing mining markets, and represents a significant opportunity for technology providers like Maptek. Although there are already more than 7,000 Vulcan users worldwide, making a Russian version of Vulcan available is seen as imperative for success in the Russian... (read more)
2014-04-04 09:22:51

Maptek Raises for Make-A-Wish

In November 2009, the Denver Maptek office donated more than USD12,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado, USA. Employees participated in a "Growvember" contest, which encourages male participants to grow the best beard while raising money. All of the 66 staff (bearded or not) joined in the fundraising effort, raising more than USD7,000 for this worthy cause which grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Colorado Alpha in Boulder, Colorado, raised money as well, collecting and donating USD266 to the foundation.Mining Engineer, Chuck Winters, winner of the contest, chose Make-A-Wish to receive Maptek's additional donation... (read more)
2010-02-09 09:36:54

Maptek Releases I-Site Studio 3.5

Maptek has released version 3.5 of its laser scan modelling software I-Site Studio. The release coincides with the launch of a dedicated geotechnical module, guaranteed to have site geologists keen to try it out for mapping and analysis. While basic I-Site Studio 3.5 users can query dip and strike, the new module has more extensive tools enabling users to easily monitor changes in surfaces such as walls, batters and faces. Stereonet plots allow users to plot slope and slope direction (dip and strike) onto a two-dimensional graph, helping to identify discontinuity sets and analyse the stability of rock slopes. Contours... (read more)
2011-09-15 10:54:38

Maptek Adds Value to Big Data

Ubiquitous sensors rip a deluge of data from the world around us, said spatial business industry leader Richard Simpson in his keynote address to the Maptek users conference in Brisbane. This digital content makes the intangible more tangible and vastly improves our knowledge of our world. Through this ‘reality mirror’ 3D spatial visualisation becomes a lens to reveal greater evidential qualities that can drive our decision making with higher levels of confidence, he added. Confident decision making relies on maximising the use of data collected throughout the mining value chain. This is the underlying theme of the 3-day technical conference... (read more)
2013-10-21 10:08:54
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