MicaSense Unveils RedEdge Multispectral Sensor

MicaSense has released RedEdge-M, the evolution of its rugged, built-to-last, professional multispectral sensor, RedEdge. Easily integrated into a wide variety of drones, RedEdge-M enables agricultural enterprises, growers and researchers to optimise management practices, streamline operations, detect stress and disease early, and capture accurate data for scientific analysis. The RedEdge-M captures the spectral bands required for basic crop health indexes, but also those that generate analytics that are anything but basic. With its low weight, low power requirement, and multiple integration options, the flexibility of RedEdge-M makes it attractive for farmers. Building upon the capabilities that have made RedEdge an industry... (read more)
2017-11-16 10:44:39

MicaSense Atlas Integrated with Pix4D Software

MicaSense Atlas is now integrated with Pix4D desktop software. This new partnership is designed to offer MicaSense customers the power of desktop processing, as well as the flexibility of MicaSense Atlas. Customers value Atlas as an analytics and collaboration platform, said Gabriel Torres, CEO of MicaSense. They also indicate that processing data locally is important to them and their operations. Combining the processing capability of Pix4D’s software with the power of the MicaSense Atlas analytics is a solution that optimally fulfills these needs. With the new “Upload to Atlas” feature (available from 8 August, 2017), users can share the processed... (read more)
2017-07-31 11:25:30

Atmos UAV Integrates Thermal, Multispectral and High-resolution Imagery

Atmos UAV, a drone manufacturer for mapping and surveying from Delft, the Netherlands, continues to expand its payload options. The most recent addition is the new MicaSense sensor, Altum, which integrates a radiometric thermal camera with five high-resolution narrow bands. This produces advanced thermal, multispectral and high-resolution imagery in one flight for advanced analytics purposes. Marlyn, the fixed-wing VTOL surveying platform developed by Atmos UAV, is now the only unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or 'drone') in its class capable of carrying this new high-end sensor. With this integration, Atmos team wanted to offer professionals a tool that maximizes their surveying... (read more)
2019-08-15 09:22:00

SimActive Releases Version 8.2 for Processing of Multispectral Imagery

SimActive, one of the leading developers of photogrammetry software, has released Correlator3D version 8.2 with advanced processing capabilities of multispectral imagery. Supported sensors include the MicaSense RedEdge/Altum and the Parrot Sequoia. The new version allows automatic registration of multispectral as well as infrared images. The resulting fused data can be used in the software to produce digital surface models (DSMs) and digital terrain models (DTMs) and to generate multiband orthomosaics with perfect co-registration. “There is a growing need for multispectral sensors in agricultural applications such as crop management”, said Louis Simard, CTO at SimActive. “The new version allows our users to... (read more)
2019-06-03 11:46:25

senseFly Brings Expanded Portfolio of Fixed-wing Drone Innovations to Intergeo

senseFly, the Switzerland-based fixed-wing drones manufacturer, will showcase its range of UAV solutions and sensors at Intergeo in Stuttgart, Germany. The eBee X drone will be taking centre stage at the company’s booth. Surveyors and engineers will be able to discover how senseFly technology can be used to map areas – large and small – faster and more efficiently than with traditional or alternative technologies. Visitors to senseFly’s stand will be able to explore the flexibility of senseFly’s eBee X UAV and its role in optimising GIS and surveying workflows to achieve high quality outputs, such as centimetre-precise 3D point... (read more)
2019-08-27 08:57:54

Atmos UAV Expands its Camera Options and Launches New Software

Drone company Atmos UAV has just expanded its payload options. Through multiple R&D projects that lasted almost three months, the Atmos engineering team optimally integrated additional cameras that are now available for customers. Furthermore, the team also launched the newest version of MarLynk, the flight planning and ground control software provided with every Marlyn unit. To further satisfy customers’ needs for ever-higher accuracy, Atmos UAV extended its camera options to include the RGB Sony RX1RII Full Frame camera and the new MicaSense RedEdge-MX, on top of the Sony QX1 it currently carries. The new Sony sensor offers an unprecedented ultra-high definition of 42.4MP... (read more)
2019-02-19 01:42:17

Q&A: The Quickly Evolving UAS Mapping Market

GIM International meets with senseFly CEO Gilles Labossière
Drones have become a standard tool for mapping and surveying. Read what Gilles Labossière, CEO of senseFly, has to say about the market trends, technical developments and challenges affecting geospatial professionals. Even in turbulent times, the outlook for the unmanned aerial system (UAS) mapping market is full of promises. Now that the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or 'drone') market has reached its maturity, education and training will be key to ensuring more widespread adoption and optimized drone usage. Here, senseFly’s CEO Gilles Labossière shares his views on the latest trends in the market, new technical developments and further changes and challenges geospatial... (read more)
2020-08-05 10:03:32

senseFly Announces Enterprise Partnerships with Trimble and Microsoft Drive

senseFly, the Switzerland-based fixed-wing drones company, has entered new strategic partnerships. The organisations include Trimble and Microsoft and is focused on the capability and suitability of senseFly’s fixed-wing drones and drone sensors for precision agriculture. “Trimble and Microsoft are major players in the agriculture sector, and these relationships are a testament to senseFly’s drones operating at the high standards required by large organisations to deliver the results they need”, explained Gilles Labossière, CEO of senseFly. “This includes being able to offer a range of cameras to meet project-specific requirements, absolute accuracy down to 3cm and unparalleled flight times that enable... (read more)
2019-11-14 09:08:19

Making Linear Mapping Projects More Efficient

senseFly has launched senseFly Corridor, a new platform enhancement that vastly simplifies the mapping of linear infrastructure and sites using an unmanned aerial system (UAS or 'drone'). senseFly Corridor recently made its debut at AUVSI Xponential in Dallas, USA. Corridor mapping is a common task for many geospatial professionals and crucial for the effective planning, design and analysis of linear infrastructure, as well as the monitoring of rivers and coastlines. However, using drones to carry out corridor projects – as an alternative to hiring expensive manned aircraft – has, until now, been a relatively complex job that contained some frustrating... (read more)
2017-05-15 09:37:42

XactSense to Fly Velodyne’s New Lidar Puck

XactSense has developed a new platform for low-altitude aerial mapping using the newly released Velodyne Lidar VLP-16 puck. According to the American company, which is based in Rhode Island, drone mapping for the masses is now here. The new multi-laser puck builds on Velodyne’s reputation for small, lightweight Lidar, and XactSense’s founder, Andy Trench, described this next-generation sensor as a game changer since companies of all sizes can now afford to utilise the emergent drone technology. In anticipation of the low-cost laser's release, XactSense designed a new adaptable folding 8-rotor UAV called the MAX8. This platform integrated the industry's only... (read more)
2015-03-05 09:21:38
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