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One significant focus of ICA work comes from the members of the ICA Commission on Marine Cartography. It has few members but they interact effectively with a number of other associations to bring cartographic and spatial expertise to bear on issues from a marine or maritime perspective. Mostly, the members work by correspondence but hold a work meeting whenever they can, usually at the biennial International Cartographic Conferences. Anybody with an interest in marine cartography is welcome to attend. The vast majority of humankind lives on or near the coast and, by whatever definition is used for coastal regions, it... (read more)
2006-01-10 12:00:00

Offshore Systems International Purchases Mapcon Mapping Consultants

Offshore Systems International Ltd. (Canada) has announced it has completed the purchase of Mapcon Mapping Consultants Inc. of Salt Lake City, Utah (USA). Mapcon is a land mapping company in the U.S. geomatics (digital map and electronic chart data production) market. Under the terms of the agreement, OSI purchased all of the shares of Mapcon from its shareholders for cash. Mapcon represents an excellent strategic fit with OSI's Geomatics business unit and provides the Company with an operational base in the United States. Based on industry data and market studies, OSI estimates the North American mapping market (both land and... (read more)
2005-04-12 12:00:00

Measuring Offshore Wind Farm Performance with Lidar Technology

Offshore wind farms are becoming increasingly larger and their turbines are reaching higher into the sky. New knowledge is needed to understand how wind behaves at these altitudes and the forces it exerts on the rotor blades. ECN part of TNO and partners from science and industry have conducted studies into the reliability of Lidar for measuring wind characteristics. Traditional wind measurements are carried out with the aid of a wind mast to which instruments are attached. ECN part of TNO has a test field in the Wieringermeer, the Netherlands, comprising such wind masts equipped with various measurement and calibration... (read more)
2019-11-18 10:17:29

Petrobras Monitors Its Offshore Oil Exploration Activities with RADARSAT-1

Petrobras, a Brazilian oil company, has extended its contract with RADARSAT International for the use of RADARSAT-1 data and services in support of its environmental program. The one-year extension is worth US$ 570,000. This marks the fourth year that Petrobras has been using RADARSAT-1 data in this program. The environmental program is designed to foster sustainable development in Petrobras' offshore oil exploration and development activities in the Campos, Espirito Santo and Santos Basins. Petrobras takes a proactive approach by using RADARSAT-1 data and services to monitor its offshore facilities (platforms and oil-transporting pipes) for any signs of oil leakage or... (read more)
2005-05-18 12:00:00

3D at Depth Reaches Milestone in Offshore Lidar Metrologies

3D at Depth, a global provider of advanced subsea Lidar (SL) systems and survey support services, has completed its 300th subsea Lidar spool metrology. The subsea Lidar measurement, conducted offshore within the Mediterranean Sea, covered eight long spool metrologies with lengths greater than 90m and was completed in 24 hours. The project delivered considerable savings overall for the EPIC installation contractor and provided valuable 3D data for the oil and gas major (end user). 3D at Depth is the world’s leading expert in subsea Lidar technology and first introduced subsea Lidar metrologies for the offshore market 3.5 years ago in the... (read more)
2018-02-01 10:27:35

Bluesky 3D Models Used to Create VR Simulation of Offshore Wind Farm

3D models from Bluesky are being used to communicate plans for a new offshore wind farm in Scotland. The interactive models allow users to ‘teleport’ around a virtual environment, viewing the proposed turbine development from the coast in the real-world context of existing buildings and trees. Created by environmental consultancy company SLR and commissioned by Inch Cape Offshore Limited (ICOL), the scale 3D model has already been used for public consultations and a visual impact study for the proposed scheme off the east coast. Created from high resolution aerial photography, the data supplied by Bluesky included a detailed and accurate... (read more)
2017-11-20 10:12:17

Deepwater Horizon

Biggest Offshore Oil-spill in History
The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig was built in 2001 as a semi-submersible platform specially designed for operations in ultra-deep water. The rig employs a dynamic positioning system to maintain a highly accurate position in open seas with the use only of its propellers. In September 2009 the rig drilled the deepest oil well in history, at a vertical depth of 10,683 metres.In February 2010 the rig commenced drilling an exploratory well at the Macondo project in the Gulf of Mexico, some 70 kilometres off the coast of the State of Louisiana (USA) at a depth of approximately 1,500 metres below... (read more)
2010-07-29 03:47:40

AMEC Chooses Intergraph Smart 3D

Intergraph, a leading global provider of engineering software for the design, construction and operation of plants, ships, and offshore facilities, has announced that UK-based engineering and project management company AMEC has chosen to upgrade its investment in PDS to Intergraph Smart 3D technology by transferring its existing PDS perpetual licences to Smart 3D licences. AMEC is a long-time user of Intergraph solutions and is committed to establishing global expertise in Smart 3D, Intergraph’s next-generation, data-centric and rule-driven 3D design tool. AMEC will implement Smart 3D across its enterprise to capture new business and support existing projects. Intergraph Smart 3D is... (read more)
2014-06-05 09:27:18

Atlas Services Group Participates in South West Surveys

Atlas Services Group has completed the acquisition of a 75% interest in South West Surveys (UK) Ltd. This acquisition aims to add further scope and options for the combined existing client base and consultants.     Since 1978, South West Surveys has specialised in supplying highly experienced personnel to the offshore energy and telecommunication industries worldwide, primarily as offshore client representatives and marine project managers. SWS have undergone a period of managed growth since 2007 and are now a major supplier of offshore survey and construction expertise. With an evolving marketplace, both Atlas and South West Surveys share the view, and... (read more)
2011-04-14 12:00:00

Fugro Launches G4 Satellite Positioning Augmentation Service

Fugro has further extended its technology leadership in the field of GNSS augmentation systems for offshore positioning applications with the launch of its G4 service. The satellite correction service is the first to take advantage of all four GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems): GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo. GNSS augmentation services improve position accuracy compared to unaided GNSS receivers. GNSS augmentation services improve position accuracy compared to unaided GNSS receivers. By using all available GNSS satellites, Fugro’s G4 service is designed to improve availability and reliability of offshore positioning and will thus enhance the safety and productivity of a wide... (read more)
2015-02-17 02:41:39
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