Xsens Presents Upgraded Versions of MTi 1-series Modules

Xsens has released the upgraded versions of the successful MTi 1-series of motion-sensing inertial measurement unit (IMU) modules, offering improved roll, pitch and yaw measurement accuracy and higher tolerance of mechanical stress than the first generation of the product. The company has integrated into the new modules the latest, best-in-class accelerometer and gyroscope ICs alongside its high-performance sensor fusion algorithms. The modules synthesise at very high speed the inputs from multiple motion sensors, to provide synchronised data on an object’s heading, orientation, acceleration and position. The Xsens sensor fusion technology produces accurate measurements of high-frequency motion, ideal for stabilisation of... (read more)
2018-09-12 10:19:46

New Routescene GPScamera Unit

Routescene has announced a series of enhancements made to the integral GPScamera unit. The improved tilt facility on the GPScamera means that tools are no longer needed to adjust the orientation and pitch of the unit, making its attachment to the roof rack of a vehicle simple and straightforward. Its quick release mechanism allows the unit to be easily removed. The system supports the new Gig Ethernet uEye series of digital camera. The higher recording frame rate of the uEye cameras allows video frames to be spaced more closely together, and makes it possible for surveys to be conducted at... (read more)
2008-07-16 12:36:20

ALIGN Firmware in Two Models

NovAtel (Canada) has introduced its enhanced ALIGN solution, as part of the 6.100 firmware release. The solution is available in two models: ALIGN Heading and ALIGN Relative Positioning. The two ALIGN models facilitate system installation with plug-and-play configuration and offer the flexibility to design either GNSS attitude or relative positioning solutions. ALIGN Heading generates high-precision 2D vehicle attitude (heading and pitch) between two antennas and can be extended to offer 3D attitude (heading, roll and pitch) with a third receiver. ALIGN Relative Positioning offers accurate relative positioning between two or more moving platforms for high precision monitoring and automation in... (read more)
2011-07-15 10:28:26

Ixsea Releases LANDINS and AIRINS

Ixsea (France) has released LANDINS, a land survey solution which provides position, heading, roll and pitch. It offers high-accuracy position and orientation data in real-time, even in tough environmental conditions. Also released was AIRINS, designed by IXSEA to meet the needs of high-accuracy position and orientation for the new generation of airborne mapping sensors. AIRINS provides high-accuracy position and orientation data in real-time, even in tough conditions. (read more)
2007-10-09 09:32:58

New Firmware for the Aibot X6

Aibotix has released a new firmware version for the Aibot X6 hexacopter as well as a new version of the AiProFlight flight planning software. The newest firmware release includes several advancements, such as improvement of the flight stability and safety, which is especially important for a better performance in executing inspection tasks, and advancement of the pitch-and-roll compensation of the camera gimbal for smoother pictures and video output. The new AiProFlight version 2.5 introduces a set of new and improved functionalities to lighten the users' daily work: A new wizard facilitates raster-generation and thus the planning of surveying flights, a... (read more)
2015-01-23 03:25:40

NovAtel Launches IMU-ISA-100C GNSS+INS Positioning Device

NovaTel has added the IMU-ISA-100C as an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) option to its SPAN GNSS+INS line of positioning products. The IMU-ISA-100C is a near navigation grade IMU for platform stabilisation, general purpose navigation, photogrammetry, remote sensing and ground mobile mapping applications. Commercially exportable, the IMU-ISA-100C is designed to integrate easily with a NovAtel SPAN capable receiver to provide a tightly coupled 3D navigation solution. Offering customers continuous position, velocity and attitude (roll, pitch and azimuth) measurements, a SPAN system is stable and available also through periods when satellite signals are blocked or unavailable. With the IMU-ISA-100C, customers will receive... (read more)
2014-08-25 10:27:53

LISA: a Japanese 3D Laser Scanner

Develo Inc. (Japan) has released LISA, a 3D laser scanner which can be used on moving platforms such as a cars, helicopters, and ships. In its compact body, LISA combines a 3D laser scanner, digital camera, GPS, and motion sensor. While LISA is operated from moving platforms, it understands its own location, attitude and moving tendency. The motion sensor analyses the movement of the unit and estimates the next position and attitude. The eye safe mode of LISA is classified as ‘Class 1’ and the weight of the system is less than 25kg. LISA has the real time accuracy of... (read more)
2006-10-25 12:00:00

Lightweight GPS-aided Inertial Navigation System

OxTS, UK, has launched the GPS-aided inertial navigation system xNAV200 at this year's AUVSI Unmanned Systems North America conference in Las Vegas, USA. The xNAV200 is a compact, lightweight INS. The xNAV200 is capable of providing reliable position (90cm), precise heading (0.15°) as well as highly accurate roll/pitch (0.05°) measurements at up to 100Hz. The miniature sensor offers some striking advantages: it is very small (120 x 66 x 35mm), extremely lightweight (<350g), highly reliable, easy to integrate and offers an unmatched price-performance ratio. The new xNAV200 can be used for georeferencing sensors and has applications on unmanned aerial vehicles... (read more)
2012-08-14 09:26:33

Dual GPS

OxTS is releasing a new dual antenna version of the Inertial+ navigation system at this year's Intergeo exhibition. The new Inertial+2 provides improved heading accuracy for better performances in airborne survey and mapping applications.         Being compatible with most GPS receivers on the market, the Inertial+ is very easy to integrate in to a current GPS only solution. Adding the Inertial+ to a GPS receiver will not only provide reliable, continuous position data even during GPS signals blockage but also output measurements like roll, pitch and heading with high accuracy in real-time. Using two GPS receivers in the... (read more)
2009-09-21 11:08:13

OxTS Launches New Intertial+ Product

OxTS (United Kingdom) has released the new Inertial+ product. Signals from your GPS receiver can be blocked or reflected by buildings and trees. In combination with the new Inertial+ system you can achieve reliable, continuous position measurements even through GPS outages. This is possible with the high quality gyroscopes and accelerometers inside the Inertial+. Corrections from the GPS prevent the inertial measurement unit from drifting. Being compatible with most GPS receivers on the market, the Inertial+ is very easy to integrate in a current GPS only solution. Adding the Inertial+ to your GPS receiver provides reliable position data in difficult... (read more)
2008-04-24 08:48:29
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