Safe Software Joins Proteus Partnership

The United Nations Environment Programme‘s World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) have invited Safe Software into their Proteus Partnership, a collaboration of progressive corporate business leaders and the UNEP-WCMC. The goal of Proteus is to provide industry decision makers with access to the best possible data on location and distribution of biodiversity to support risk management and safeguard the Earth's biodiversity and ecosystems.     The UNEP-WCMC helps decision-makers to protect conservation areas and therefore ensure that future generations can enjoy the benefits of biodiversity. To accomplish this, the Centre provides critical information to aid biodiversity assessments and policy support for... (read more)
2009-09-29 08:49:52

EuroGeographics Highlights Role of Geospatial Information in European Data Strategy

In the context of the European Data Strategy, EuroGeographics has highlighted that high-value, authoritative geospatial datadata is a fundamental building block for digital transformation. High-value, authoritative geospatial data from official national sources has a significant role to play in the European Data Strategy. EuroGeographics, the not-for-profit membership association for Europe’s National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registry Authorities, has highlighted that such data is ubiquitous across all the dataspaces and one of the basic building blocks for digital transformation. Mick Cory, secretary general and executive director of EuroGeographics said: “The value of data lies in its use and re-use. Making their... (read more)
2020-07-08 12:41:42

Discussion and Dissemination Forums

Although SDI/GI was not explicitly mentioned in either the EU Digital Agenda or in the relevant Hungarian strategic document, it is obvious that GI and related services are essential to most activities in economics, policy planning, implementation and control. Unprecedented acceleration in technological development would make it seem logical for NGOs at regional and national level to keep decision-makers better informed both by dissemination of information about new capabilities and discussions relating to associated legal, policy and organisational aspects. Spatial Planning Take the domain of spatial planning, one of the most influential and complex activities and one with a real... (read more)
2011-02-22 03:50:21

CAPIGI 2014: Connecting Agriculture and Geomatics

From 2-4 April 2014, the CAPIGI 2014 conference was held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It proved to be a first-rate event with lively discussions and networking opportunities. Bringing people together from the four relevant stakeholder groups (agriculture, science, government and private companies) resulted in an interesting mix of viewpoints on the use of geospatial information, and particular on how it can be applied to improve farming. This year’s theme was ‘Connecting the Future’ with a focus on how spatial technology and data in the agriculture sector can be combined with the issues of the future, such as Common Agricultural Policy... (read more)
2014-04-08 12:53:33

US Interior Department Appoints 17 Members to NGAC

US Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell has appointed 17 new and continuing members to the National Geospatial Advisory Committee (NGAC). The advisory committee provides recommendations on geospatial policy and management issues to the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), the interagency executive group responsible for providing leadership and direction in federal geospatial programmes. The NGAC also reviews and comments on geospatial policy and management issues, and provides a forum for conveying the views of non-federal representatives in the geospatial community. The integration of the massive amounts of data maintained by federal agencies into its geospatial context provides invaluable insights that... (read more)
2014-02-24 10:05:03

Why 'Where' Matters

New books on geomatics are commonplace. This one, Why Where matters: Understanding and Profiting from GIS, GPS, and Remote Sensing, is not. Directed squarely at the business and policy communities, authors Bob Ryerson and Stan Aronoff focus on two value propositions: firstly, what increased use of these technologies can do for you, your business or your political constituency, and secondly, if you see yourself as already successful, why you should continue to increase your use of geospatial information. The publication is also serving as a useful resource to help those in the geospatial market sell their products and services.The authors... (read more)
2011-01-04 03:32:36

Katy Barbier-Greenland

Katy Barbier-Greenland is originally from Melbourne, Australia, and now lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She holds undergraduate degrees in social science majoring in psychology and social work with honours, as well as a Master of Information Management with a research specialisation. Katy’s professional background comprises mostly policy analysis and research management positions in the health and education sectors, and she now works as a freelance writer and researcher.  (read more)
2018-12-11 11:48:59

Land Administration in Estonia

Since Estonia gained independence in 1991, huge efforts have been made to re-establish private property. Technologically speaking, land reform and land administration are a success; nearly the whole country has been registered and information on individual parcels can be disseminated to institutions and the general public via the web. However, lack of transparent land policy incapacitates the system from optimally serving land-management aims.<P> What are the main goals of land administration in Estonia During the nineties the main goal was land reform, with the political and economic goal of re-establishing private property. Land reform was the focus of attention for... (read more)
2008-11-11 12:00:00

Mastering Disasters from Space

Never before in history has mankind lived with so many people, so close together, on such small pieces of land. Levels of urbanisation all over the world are extremely high; everywhere, rural populations are migrating to the metropolises and megalopolises in an attempt to snatch a few crumbs falling from the table of wealth generated by an expanding global economy. And these streams of rural people attracted to the economic shimmer of the cities grow by the day. In pre-Christian times an Egyptian pharaoh never ruled over more than a million people. Today the mayor of a moderately sized city... (read more)
2006-05-22 12:00:00

High-definition Portrayal of Changes in World’s Forests

A new study based on Earth-observing satellite data comprehensively describes changes in the world's forests from the beginning of this century. Published in the journal 'Science', this unparalleled survey of global forests tracked forest loss and gain at the spatial granularity of an area covered by a baseball diamond (30-metre resolution). Led by Matthew C. Hansen of the University of Maryland and assisted by USGS co-author Thomas R. Loveland, a team of scientists analysed data from the Landsat 7 satellite to map changes in forests from 2000 to 2012 around the world at local to global scales. The uniform data from... (read more)
2013-11-15 10:22:39
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