Image Processing Application

ITT and ESRI have taken on a strategic partnership to integrate their respective software technologies. This integration delivers advanced, image processing and analysis capabilities to the ArcGIS platform and expands the distribution of these new technologies globally. ENVI EX is an image processing and analysis solution that is tightly integrated with ArcGIS.     As mapping and imagery-based applications continue to converge, ENVI EX supplies the growing market's need for image processing and analysis solutions that are both easier to use and integrated with GIS workflows, and provide the scientific accuracy needed for decision makers.   Based on ENVI ENVI... (read more)
2009-07-15 02:54:51

TerraPos Post-processing Software

The Norwegian company Terratec has introduced software capable of accurate positioning based on post-processing of GPS-observations, without the use of reference stations or DGPS services. Typical accuracy for kinematic applications are 3cm horizontally and 4cm vertically (RMS). This level of accuracy makes the software unique worldwide. TerraPos utilises precise orbits and clock corrections for the satellites, together with advanced error modelling to produce positions with impressing accuracy. Typpical RMS for a kinematic survey is 3cm horizontally and 4cm vertically. The result is an excellent tool for positioning in applications allowing for post-processing, such as airborne photogrammetric or Lidar operations, seabed... (read more)
2006-12-08 12:00:00

Seismic Processing & Imaging Centre

CGGVeritas has inaugurated a new open Processing & Imaging center in Muscat, Oman at a ceremony attended by clients and a delegation from the Omani Ministry of Oil & Gas. The new centre complements the company’s activity in the country and offers clients access to the latest processing and imaging technology and services.     Tailored to address the geologic challenges of the region, services are focused on the CGGVeritas 3D land seismic portfolio, including ultra high-resolution wide-azimuth technologies.   The centre also operates as a CGGVeritas University training centre, developing and delivering training initiatives with the Sultan Qaboos University,... (read more)
2011-04-15 01:26:00

Point Cloud Processing

Leica Geosystems announces the exclusive distribution of RealityLINx Model 5.4 - powered by Leica point cloud Engine (pcE) technology. RealityLINx Model 5.4 speeds and simplifies the processing of as-built laser scans into intelligent models that feed into popular 3D plant design software and into INOVx plant asset management software. The new Leica pcE foundation has enabled third-party software developer and Leica Geosystems business partner, INOVx, to add more powerful and flexible point cloud capabilities to RealityLINx Model software. RealityLINx Model v5.4 offers advantages over both prior versions of RealityLINx Model and alternate paths from scans to intelligent models in plant... (read more)
2010-12-17 10:48:48

Automated Processing of Oblique Imagery

Connectivity Graph to Cope with Tilted Views
Oblique multi-camera systems are rapidly maturing and expanding the market for airborne technology and services. Because datasets of oblique images are large, automated processing is a necessity. Here, the authors present a workflow for the automated orientation of large oblique blocks using a connectivity graph and discuss automated dense matching of oblique images. Oblique airborne multi-camera systems are increasingly complementing traditional vertical views. Previously hidden façades and building footprints are unveiled in oblique views, which makes oblique imagery useful for 3D city modelling and cadastral purposes as well as emergency rapid response and scene interpretation. In the past, the spotlight... (read more)
2014-04-17 03:14:18 Fabio Remondino, Ewelina Rupnik and Francesco Nex, Italy

Magellan’s BLADE GNSS Signal Processing

Magellan (France) has announced its BLADE technology, a proprietary GNSS processing solution that makes possible centimetre-level accuracy for real-time and post-processing surveys and mapping operations. Magellan’s BLADE (Base Line Accurate Determination Engine) combines ranging and carrier phase data from two satellite systems, GPS and SBAS, for superior satellite coverage and signal reliability to enable rapid, centimetre-level solutions.   It is the first GNSS processing system that uses SBAS ranging and carrier phase measurements in the RTK data processing. These SBAS measurements, which are GPS-like, improve satellite geometry to allow centimetre-level accuracies to be achieved in a shorter time compared to... (read more)
2007-05-08 12:00:00

Remote Sensing Image Processing Software

Please read the contents of this article in the Product Survey  section. (read more)
2010-06-07 04:30:51 Mathias Lemmens, senior editor, GIM International

Blue Marble to Showcase Lidar Processing Capability

Blue Marble Geographics will be exhibiting at the upcoming Esri Federal User Conference in Washington D.C., USA. Blue Marble will showcase Global Mapper and its newly enhanced Lidar features including a significant improvement in the ability to load and classify massive amounts of Lidar point cloud data, jumping from supporting files that contain tens of millions of points to those that contain hundreds of millions of points. Global Mapper 14.1 provides an increase in Lidar processing and display speed, which is beneficial for previewing data before creating a gridded surface or terrain model. Version 14.1 includes several options for filtering... (read more)
2013-02-25 09:02:24

NovAtel Releases Post-processing Software Version 7.80

NovAtel Inc. (Canada) has released its Version 7.80 GrafNav/GrafNetTM, GrafNav/GrafNet Static, GrafNav Lite and GrafMov post-processing software. This latest software release includes significant advancements such as Precise Point Positioning (PPP), enhanced GLONASS processing and other features. The new embedded PPP processor offers many advantages to users. It permits dual frequency carrier phase processing without a base station. Users can expect 10-40cm kinematic accuracies and 2-10cm static accuracies, although accuracies can vary depending on age of the data, time length of collection, satellite geometry, frequency of cycle slips, receiver type, measurement quality and other factors. Enhanced Glonass processing is another key... (read more)
2007-03-20 10:35:38

Global Mapper 14.1 Features Lidar Processing Capability

Blue Marble Geographics has announced the release of Global Mapper version 14.1. This update to the company’s desktop GIS translation software offers many new and improved features and functions, including a significant improvement in the ability to process massive amounts of Lidar point cloud data. Global Mapper 14.1 provides an increase in Lidar processing and display speed and the ability to view and process point files in the hundreds of millions range. This is beneficial for previewing the data before creating a gridded surface model and includes several options for filtering the data during import and for rendering the point... (read more)
2013-01-31 09:30:44
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