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Magellan’s BLADE GNSS Signal Processing

Magellan (France) has announced its BLADE technology, a proprietary GNSS processing solution that makes possible centimetre-level accuracy for real-time and post-processing surveys and mapping operations. Magellan’s BLADE (Base Line Accurate...

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Post-Processing Extension for ArcPad 8

GPSDifferential for ESRI ArcPad 8 is a post-processing software extension for the MobileMapper 6 with ArcPad 8 mapping application. This application enables the MobileMapper 6 GIS/GPS handheld receiver users to...

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GNSS Post-Processing Programme Carlson Software

For surveyors and positioning professionals looking to achieve centimetre accuracy when working on the edge of their RTK infrastructure, perform sub-centimetre positioning, and/or provide quality assurance to their customers, Carlson...

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