René Worms Joins Atmos UAV as Head of Global Sales

Atmos UAV has appointed René Worms, former managing director of Topcon Positioning Europe, as head of global sales. The well-known strategist and geospatial expert will work towards the international expansion of Marlyn, the company's professional vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) mapping and surveying (fixed-wing) drone, which is designed to assure surveyors of the right accuracy, maximum ease of use and highest wind resistance in its class. René Worms’ skills in international sales, sales management and building business strategies were recognized by the Topcon Positioning Group where he previously worked as the managing director. Additionally, his past professional positions – as... (read more)
2019-05-08 08:42:12

senseFly Introduces Solar 360 Thermal Drone Solution

senseFly, a leading provider of fixed-wing drone solutions, has introduced the senseFly Solar 360, the latest addition to its senseFly 360 solutions range. Created in collaboration with software company Raptor Maps, this offering is a uniquely efficient thermal drone solution that enables the automatic assessment of solar plant performance at a sub-module level. Created by combining eBee X fixed-wing drone technology, senseFly’s Duet T thermal mapping camera, and Raptor Maps’ software, senseFly Solar 360 is a fast and fully-automated solution. It is easily integrated into solar management workflows without requiring either drone piloting skills or the manual analysis of aerial... (read more)
2019-04-30 05:22:56

Recent Developments in Airborne Lidar

Multispectral Laser Scanning, Single-photon Lidar, Hybrid Sensors and UAVs
The arrival of airborne Lidar, also referred to as airborne laser scanning (ALS), has revolutionized area-wide 3D data acquisition of topography, bathymetry, vegetation, buildings and infrastructure. This article presents an overview of the progress made since then in both sensor and aircraft technology. On top of that, it highlights how the ongoing miniaturization has recently enabled the application of Lidar on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), resulting in ultra-high-resolution 3D point clouds with centimetre precision. From Single to Multiple Pulses in the Air Current trends include a steady increase of the measurement rate, achievements in full waveform processing, the spread of... (read more)
2019-04-19 01:19:15

The Conference Venue: University of Twente Campus

The ISPRS Geospatial Week 2019 will be held on the University of Twente campus. The University of Twente (UT) is the only university in the Netherlands with a genuine campus. It is set in extensive parkland that houses buildings for education and research, facilities for sports and culture, student and staff accommodation and a shopping centre. The ISPRS Geospatial Week will take place in some of the buildings on the so-called ‘O&O plein’ (‘Education & Research Square’), such as the Hal B/Waaier and Carré buildings. The buildings on the O&O plein are located close together, connected by pedestrian walkways. In... (read more)
2019-04-16 09:49:39

Interview with Edward Anderson, the World Bank: You Cannot Manage What You Don’t Measure

Inclusive Geospatial Information Technologies for Sustainable African Cities
The opening keynote of the Geospatial Week 2019 in Enschede, the Netherlands, will be presented by Edward Anderson, senior disaster risk management and ICT specialist for the World Bank. He will present how the Tanzanian Urban Resilience Programme in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is combining wide-scale in situ geospatial data collection with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or ‘drones’) and machine learning for disaster risk management. In this interview, he shares his vision regarding the role of inclusive geospatial information technologies in supporting the development of sustainable African cities. How are you currently using geoinformatics in your work? Primarily in the... (read more)
2019-04-16 09:17:34

SimActive Software Used with eBee X for Shoreline Mapping

SimActive, a world-leading developer of photogrammetry software, has announced that Correlator3D is being used for mapping projects in Brittany, France, by Altimedias. An eBee X equipped with a senseFly S.O.D.A. 3D camera is flown along the shoreline to produce high-resolution true orthomosaics and 3D models. “The quality of outputs from Correlator3D is exceptional and the mosaic renders the vivid colours of the Pink Granite Coast,” said Didier Wasselin, COO at Altimedias. “Such results are very useful for heritage conservation and decision-making by local authorities.” “The combination of SimActive software and senseFly eBee Plus X is an ideal combination, due to... (read more)
2019-04-16 11:51:44

The Relevance of Aerial Mapping in 2019 and Beyond

Modern Mapping Systems and Techniques
Reality 3D models, Lidar points clouds, superhigh-resolution aerial imagery and artificial intelligence from aerial imagery… these are just a few of the products derived from aerial mapping that the GIS sector takes for granted in 2019. Despite the plethora of high-resolution Earth observation satellites and the exponentially increasing impact of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or 'drones') on the aerial mapping sector, most large and medium-scale ‘topographic’ or GIS map data is still derived from manned aircraft, whether fixed-wing or rotary. But the multitude of systems and processes can make selecting the correct aerial mapping technology a complicated and confusing process.... (read more)
2019-04-12 11:38:08

New Japanese Partnership in Space Business

SKY Perfect JSAT has reached a business partnership agreement with PASCO. The aim of the partnership is to create high added-value services and to mutually make effective use of the technologies and resources owned by both companies in fields ranging from satellites to geospatial data. Additionally, the agreement also seeks increased efficiency for the low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite-based services currently offered by both companies and expansion of the markets for these services. The types of services which will be bolstered as a result of this agreement are as follows. 1) Satellite ground station services Utilize the applied technologies, expertise, and resources... (read more)
2019-04-09 11:00:19

Topcon Top of the Pack for Finnish National Land Survey

Since 2016, Topcon Positioning Group has exclusively provided the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) – or Maanmittauslaitos – with its high-precision geomatics solutions, enabling the organization to maintain the highest possible standards of work and data production. Now, recent tests carried out by NLS have proven Topcon’s GNSS receivers to be the most effective on the market, with the results seeing Topcon retained as the sole provider for at least another year. What is the National Land Survey of Finland? The National Land Survey of Finland is an official body that performs cadastral surveys, maintains information about properties and... (read more)
2019-04-05 11:18:40

Satellite-derived Information and Airborne Lidar to Combat Cocoa-fuelled Deforestation

African governments and the world’s cocoa companies are to be handed a crucial new tool in their battle to end deforestation caused by their supply chains. Using satellite-derived information from the UK Space Agency’s Forests 2020 project led by Ecometrica, the Ghana Forestry Commission has been supported in the development of a landscape-level map that separates cocoa from forestry. This is critical to measure how the cocoa industry is driving deforestation. With over two million small-scale farmers growing cocoa in the Ivory Coast and Ghana – the world’s two biggest cocoa-producing countries – it has proven difficult to track where... (read more)
2019-04-03 10:25:23
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